Fila BB1 Polo Shirt: A Sportswear Legend

Sport and style have always had gone hand in hand. The sporting stars of today influence the style of the era. One of the first who really bridged the gap between these two worlds was legendary tennis icon, Bjorn Borg.

The Swedish Tennis icon was perhaps an unlikely style icon when he first came onto the scene in 1972. But as his continuous wins skyrocketed his career, his popularity followed suit. For the first time, people weren’t only interested in what their sports idols wore off the court but they wanted to wear the gear they wore on the court too.

This marked a major shift in the way people dressed at the time, moving away from the stuffy suits they associated with previous generations – people wanted something more casual as a sign that people could associate with the sports they loved. It was also a time when international interest and travel were at an all-time high.

Particularly within the world of football, away fans were for the first time bringing back sporting brands not previously accessible within the UK and before long the gear became highly sought after and particular items like polo shirts and trainers became the must-have item for the youth.

Borg’s influence on this shift in the way people thought about dressing is undeniable. When he stepped out onto the Wimbledon final in 1980 he had what had become his signature look. His hair was long and shaggy, held back by a colourful Fila sweatband matching his Fila BB1 Polo Shirt and matching shorts along with Fila court shoes. No one else looked like him, it was a step away from the uniform-like nature of Tennis players that had come before.

This rebellious attitude, his unorthodox playing style and his aspirational lifestyle off the court led the way for other, mostly men, to think differently about how they wanted to live their lives and this came through in the clothing they wore.

Without a doubt, the epitome of the Borg style, if you distilled it down into a single item it would have to be the BB1 polo. The iconic piece has only gained popularity over the years with its vintage look working with a range of styles.

It stands out today as an iconic piece of vintage sportswear that is appreciated universally whether your a tennis fan or just like the style. Check out our full range of colour options available below.

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