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Where did Danner Boots begin?

Are Danner Boots Made For Adventure?

Danner boots first came around when Charles Danner came to the West to construct the best boots for loggers that exist. First created in Oregon in 1932, they are still the go to boot for adventure. He wanted to combine his love for the outdoors and wilderness with a commitment to true craftsmanship and quality. This ambition to innovate boots that are more than just fit for purpose still exists within each and every stitch of their latest collection. The uncompromising landscape is the spirit behind the boots which Charles Danner first envisioned in production a century ago. 

What is the quality of Danner Boots like?

How Are The Boots Constructed?

Since the day they first began production the boots have been hailed for their longevity, quality, comfort and style. The quality of the boots is down to the sourcing of the finest materials, excellent craftsmanship across all their workshops and the design of each and every boot. After all, the boots were designed for adventure and the great outdoors and they will certainly see you through an array of adventures. 

Do They Have The Modern Approach?

Boot Spot Light: Danner Ridge Smores

The ridge smores are crafted in the Oregon factory staying true to the heritage and rich history of the brand even today. This boot was designed to be a lightweight boot compared to other styles by Danner. The boot is also a versatile boot that not only encompasses the classic Danner styling, but it is also fit for typically lighter hikes and the everyday. The overall design of this boot was inspired by the iconic Original Danner Light but this time it has an updated construction allowing for reduced weight and added comfort.

Danner Light 40th Anniversary Review and Comparison

Danner Light 40th Anniversary Review

Danner Boots 40th Anniversary – Video Transcript:

How are the Danner Boot Constructed?

The bottom of the boot is constructed from full grain leather. The leather feels really tough and quite sturdy. It has a demi tightly woven nylon which gives a rough and tough feel which will prevent holes and tears. The boot is complemented with a dark brown upper leather which contrasts with the black colour way at the bottom.

How is the Outsole Constructed?

The outsole is constructed from Vibram which gives a good grip on the soles. Danner uses stitch down construction which means it is easy to replace the outsole and makes the boots sturdier than what they are.

How is the Inside of the boot Constructed?

The boot comes with Airthotic removable insole. The benefits of having these insoles is that it draws the sweat away from your foot and allows your feet to breathe. It just gives you the extra bit of comfort in the boot. These insoles are comfortable and give you that extra bit of support on the heel rather than a regular insole would.

The inside of the boot is crafted with Gore-tex lining which means the boots are 100% waterproof, which means they draw the moisture out without letting the moisture in.

What is the detailing to the boots?

The black laces compliment the boots really well and they have a copper finishing to the eyelets hooks on the top so that you can really secure the laces tightly.

What is a fit of the boots?

The boots are a double e fit. They aren’t the widest boots but they give you that support. A G wider fitting is more preferable. But a double e in a hiking boot is beneficial because they will give you that extra support when wearing them especially walking downhill.”

“When buying Danner boots always go for your true size as you may wear slightly thicker socks with them and you have the insole so you don’t have that need to go half a size down. Generally they feel quite true to size.

How do they feel when you put them on?

The tongue is stitched at the top so it keeps all the mud on the outside if you’re walking around the countryside. The construction on the stitching of the tongue is beneficial as it just holds your foot right up there and supports your foot better. Moreover, having the hooks at the top really allows you to tighten the boots and gives you the full support. They don’t need much breaking into as they are comfortable as they are. If you like a snug feel to your shoes then these are perfect as they are not really wide. However, they will eventually widen up a bit after wearing them once or twice.


Danner Mountain 600 Review

Danner Mountain 600 Review 

Danner Mountain 600 Review – Video Transcript:

These are a low profile everyday kind of boot which can also be worn for trekking. However, these are mostly used for walking everyday.

How Are The Danner Boots Constructed?

The boot features a two colour lace option. The Shoe is crafted from a vibram sole and 100% leather full grain upper. Moreover, the boots are also accompanied with a Danner dry which is a 100% waterproof barrier which is similar to gore-tex construction and lets the moisture escape and keeps the feet dry.

How is the outsole and Insole constructed?

It has a smarter full grain black leather up top with the black laces it has a subtle look which can be worn as an everyday shoe. Similar to the gore-tex liner, Danner boots has its own liner which keeps the moisture out but also allows moisture escape at the same time. Initially it is quite similar to the way gore-tex works but its Danner’s in house liner that give you the full support you need. Often you would see that Vibram Soles tend to break down quite quickly but these are quite sturdy and they do last a long time. We have the vibram outersole at the bottom as well which gives a really nice grip especially when you are walking up some rough terrain. The tongue of the boots is stitched up and has that Danner dry material in the inside so no moisture will be getting in from the top.

What is the fit of the boots?

These boots are a D fit which is a little bit slimmer than what Danner uses which is usually a double EE fit. However, these still appear to look quite wide.

How do they feel when you put them on?

The Boots have a Ortholite insole which is easily removable. The boots come up true to size if you like the snug feel. However, it would be preferable to go up half a size to get a normal comfortable feel. Its great having the hooks up at the top to really tighten the boots up and it just gives you that extra bit of comfort and snug feel when you have them tightened. They are a ready to wear pair of boots and the sole makes a big difference and the footbed is extremely comfortable. It also gives that extra springy feel from that specialised vibram mid sole. You can style them easily with a pair of jeans to dress up on a casual day.


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