Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

Dad’s are notoriously difficult to buy for. Always saying that they don’t need anything while at the same time a steady stream of deliveries to the house tells a different story. Regardless of what they say, a thoughtful gift that they’ll actually want to use is always appreciated.

That’s why we’ve put together a fool-proof Fathers Day Gift Guide to surprise your old man with a nice, quality item that he’ll love.

Fred Perry M3600 Polo Shirt

Few clothing items we can think of are more classic and timeless than the Fred Perry Polo Shirt, and the M3600 Polo Shirt is maybe their best. Available in a huge range of colours and with an updated, modern slim fit – the M3600 is a wardrobe staple that you can return to again and again and look great every time. For a slightly looser fit check out the M12 Polo Shirt.

Gabicci Knitted Polo

A long-time Stuarts London favourite – Gabicci has been producing quality, Italian-inspired knitwear since the 70s and have become a permanent feature on the streets and in pub gardens up and down the country. Smart enough for going out without going overboard, with a vintage style that is tricky to find these days. We’ve got a massive range of Gabicci available so make sure to check it out and pick one that will suit your old man down to a tea. Pictured is their classic Jackson Knitted Polo.

Barbour Sports Cap

A decent baseball cap is always an appreciated item – whether taking the dog out or driving with the roof down if he’s that way inclined – it’s important to keep that head protected and looking good while he’s at it. Barbour are well known for the quality standards of their products and their accessories are no different. We think this red one is especially nice but feel free to browse the full range below.

Burlington Socks

Burlington socks are best known for their distinctive Argyle pattern they are one of our best-sellers are Stuarts London and we’re not surprised. Coming in loads of different colours and patterns that are an easy way to add an extra splash of colour to brighten up any outfit whether down the golf course or for daily wear.

Heath Grooming

Men’s grooming can be a bit of a minefield these days. That’s why Heath Grooming has made it easy – specifically designed for men, Heath Grooming has a minimalist, no-nonsense approach that gives you exactly what you need to look your best – nothing more, nothing less. We’ve got a full lineup of quality grooming products from the brand – any one of which would make a fine gift on father’s day.

Marvis Toothpaste

You only get one set of teeth – unless you’re rich then you can just buy yourself a new set – but we’re not all so lucky, so it’s better to just take care of the ones you have. Marvis Toothpaste is world renowned as some of the finest toothpaste in the world. They set out to elevate the small, but daily experiences like brushing your teeth to another level so your Dad can start his day feeling his best with a winning smile to match.

If adventurous, there is a wide range of flavours to try including Orange Blossom, Ginger Mint, Cinnamon Mint, Jasmine Mint and even Licorice, Black Forest and Sweet And Sour Rhubarb! Or if he’s more the traditional type he’ll probably like Strong Mint, Anise Mint, Aquatic Mint or Whitening Mint. Check out our full range below.

Jason Markk

By this point, it’s likely that your Dad has amassed quite a footwear collection, many of which, he’s probably had for as long as you can remember. He understands the importance of buying well and taking care of his things. That’s why Jason Markk is a great shout – a brand that specialises exclusively in footwear care.

From their quick and easy wipes that can be used at a moments notice in case of spillage or marks or use their Premium Shoe Cleaner after a long day of use and finish with the Cedar Shoe Inserts to keep those shoes extra fresh. Whatever shoe problem you could possibly think of – Jason Markk has got you covered.

Fila Vintage T-Shirt

Fila has been around for a while now and for good reason. They’ve stuck to their original style giving it a timeless appeal that stands out today. Known for their bold colour and their crisp white on the tennis court Fila Vintage have got a huge selection of options for casual sportswear fans.

If he’s a football fan – check out the Euros Collection, fresh for this season. With colours from participating teams featured throughout the collection.

Sergio Tacchini Polo Shirt

Another Vintage sportswear favourite – Sergio Tacchini are still producing quality sportswear and their logo is now an iconic sign of quality. Coming in a wide range of eye-catching colours and styles – the Sergio Tacchini Polo Shirt is guaranteed to be a firm favourite for everything from trips down the pub, holidays and just out and about around town.

Check out the huge range of options available below.

24 Bottles

It’s important to stay hydrated – we all know this but don’t always drink enough water throughout the day. 24 Bottles have made it easy for you, with their sleek designed bottles that are lightweight and come in a compact size and are available in a huge number of colours and designs to suit the users’ taste.

BPA, phthalates free, and toxin-free and made from 100% Stainless steel they’re also the healthier option not to mention more environmentally friendly setting the example for less use of throwaway plastic bottles. Check out the wide range of options available below.

For more ideas check out our Gifts Ideas section for even more ideas!

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