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British Summertime is here and that means sunshine, BBQs and beach for sure, but there is also another great pastime that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years in all age brackets and that is camping. Being at one with nature and much needed time away from computer screens and social media – just the stillness of the outdoors sharing moments with the people we love. In terms of what to wear – outdoor wear has often been given a bad wrap for being unstylish and unflattering but those days are long gone.

These days there’s a whole host of brands catering to those who love the outdoors but also like looking the part too. In this Camping Edit we’ll take you through some of the essential kit you’ll gonna want for your next camping trip from clothing, accessories, bags and tents.

Snow Peak

Snow Peak is a Japanese Outdoor brand specialising in products designed to elevate every aspect of your experience of the outdoors. Constantly innovating and striving to deliver the best quality product possible that not only features a pleasing design but also are highly functional – designed to help you enjoy your time outdoors.

Outside Dining Area

Build your home away from home with everything you need for a fully comfortable dining room setup including tarp covering and everything you could possibly need for cooking, making morning coffee and gathering around the fire in the evenings. All items are designed to be as lightweight as possible while also being made from highly durable materials.

Tents And Sleeping

Are Snow Peak Tents Worth It?

For nighttime shelter, Snow Peak has got you covered. Their tents are known for their build quality and the use of premium materials. Each one is built to last, being rigorously tested by the Snow Peak team themselves to ensure the absolute best of the best while constantly striving to innovate to produce better and better products. Each tent is designed to be easy to set up and make you feel at home wherever you are.

Sleep in style and comfort

Snow Peak has also designed their own electric lanterns which mimic candlelight even with inbuilt wind sensors as well as movement sensors set to dim the light as movement reduces eventually switching off for a restful nights sleep. Snow Peaks sleeping bags and sleeping sets are made to give you comfort and warmth while being lightweight and built to last.

Accessories and Luggage

For getting to your camp location or bags to bags to carry on trail or even side bags for when travelling light Snow Peak have all your baggage needs covered. Often using weather-resistant materials that are lightweight and durable. All the bags are designed to pack down small when not in use for easy deployment when needed.

What To Wear?

For outdoor wear, you need clothing that is comfortable and functional and traditionally this is seen as a trade-off for stylish and fashion-forward designs but as many of the brands, we stock have shown this is definitely no longer the case.


A Brand Perfect For The Outdoors

For nice outdoor adventure-wear, Gramicci is a great go-to. With their heritage based in rock-climbing – they had functionality in mind from the start. Their shorts are well known for their comfort and their signature gusseted crotch allows for maximum manoeuvrability that translates over from climbing into all kinds of outdoor activities.

High-quality materials are utilised with a focus on durability so you can enjoy the outdoors in style and having clothing that will have you ready for anything.


Danner, Behind The Brand

Whether you’re planning on clocking in some serious miles or for family walks through the woods – having the correct footwear is a must. Danner has been producing shoes for outdoorsy folk for many years now and still produce their shoes where they started in America. They cater to all needs with their classic full-grain leather trekking boots to a lighter boot with Vibram sole or for those who want a lighter weight and to move quickly their trail shoes are a great option.

Anonymous Ism

Along with good footwear the next most important thing a good quality pair of socks to ensure no excess rubbing or blisters so you can enjoy your walk uninhibited. When it comes to socks, Anonymous Ism is really up there with the best. The socks come in plenty of different colours, styles and thicknesses giving you a nice variety to choose from – so you can be as flashy or as low key you like.

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