Fred Perry x George Cox SS21

George cox Fred Perry banner

It’s a rare thing when two brands that have had such an impact on British Subculture and British fashion come together to blend their creative ideas and celebrate their rich heritage. The two brands are synonymous with quality craftsmanship – George Cox have been making footwear since 1901 and were the creator of the first ‘Creeper’ shoe a now iconic silhouette which has become a favourite in Fred Perry collections.

The Creeper was the footwear of choice for the Teddy Boys of the 1950s and Fred Perry being taken up by the working class of 1970s England – both brands marking an integral shift towards the youth shaking off the expectations of how to dress laid down by previous generations and making a move towards a more casual style of dressing.

For their SS21 collab, Fred Perry x George Cox celebrate the shoe that shook up the British fashion world. Malcolm Mclaren – the man many credit with dressing the Punks of London from his store his infamous ‘SEX’ store on the King’s Road – who loved the Creeper shoe so much that he turned up unannounced at the George Cox factory one day and put in a huge order and they soon became the must-have shoe for the young people of 1970s Britain.

The tassel loafer is a favourite of Fred Perry and utilises the chunky creeper sole with casual elements like the tassel and an overall chunkier build make the a more casual style while maintaining the high-quality standards that George Cox and Fred Perry have become known for with full-grain leather upper. Finished with the Fred Perry laurel wreath subtly featured.

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