Sebago x Engineered Garments, Cover Deck

Japanese designer #daikisuzuki from Engineered Garments revisits the Sebago traditional lines, adding a classic yet contemporary NY feel.


From loafers to boat shoes, Sebago is the go to choice for smart style as well as effortless casual fashion. Sebago is an old school brand with a new style feel with their latest collection and timeless styles. It’s great to see a brand embracing its heritage whilst incorporating modern twists. Daniel J. Wellehan Sr., William Beaudoin and Joseph Cordeau founded Sebago in 1946. The creators of the brand first set out to create a shoe that would work well on deck. As avid sailors, the passion for this then translated to shoes that were not only highly functional but also encompassed style.


The brainchild of Engineered Garments founder Daiki Suzuki who from a young age has had a deep affinity with the outdoor lifestyle and would often do everything he could to get outside and engage in outdoor activities when growing up in his home city of Hirosaki, Japan. When Suzuki started to develop an interest in clothing he would often read magazines such as POPEYE, the Japanese menswear magazine where brands from overseas were first put in the spotlight. Engineered Garments, as the name suggests, was born out of Suzuki’s reworking of vintage garments, adding or taking away features to make them feel more modern. After moving to New York, the brand has gone on to create some iconic, timeless pieces.


Daiki Suzuki the designer behind engineered garments is back with another incredible collaboration. This time, the brand has joined forces with American-founded shoe maker, Sebago. The approach for this collaboration has been for Engineered Garments to use their unique twists of design, style and silhouettes on the iconic boat shoe from Sebago. The collection features full grain leather, suede and asymmetrically textured uppers, and Vibram EVA soles. This approach has resulted in a bold new take of the silhouette that encompasses both brands perfectly. Another key inspiration force was Suzuki wanting to take a chance on reshaping a classic American style and updating it to match the current times. This inspiration has not only translated into fabric choice and design, but also the comfort this new shoes will provide the wearer – exceptional, all day comfort.


Daiki Suzuki recently spoke about the upcoming collection and has said: “In regards to tackling the design, I wanted to go a step further and do something more than just a material or colour change approach to an existing model. As for the base to lay out my ideas on, I looked through their wide range of models – loafers, boat shoes, chukkas, boots – and came to a conclusion that I wanted the most basic model for the base. When I think “basic” , it’s a Blucher moccasin. With my personal favourite style of moccasins as the base, I added my own adjustments so the finish would be distinctively different from traditional Sebago.”

The shoe arriving at Stuarts London boasts a classic silhouette with a refreshed contemporary vibe. The classic boat shoe has been simplified to make it more stylish and simple. Overall, this is a slick, sophisticated ‘Cover Deck’ shoe is a great addition to your Summer collection. The simplicity of the shoe also means it is highly versatile if you wanted to make it a dressy or just keep it casual. The collection will be live on the 24th of April, 9am.


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