Monitaly | SS21 Collection


From a young age Yuki Matsuda, the founder and head designer of Monitaly was inspired by early Americana designs, particularly those from the 1950s and was soon an avid collector of heritage Americana clothing. He was interested in American vintage as there was a closer attention to detail on the use of quality fabrics, however, he frequently altered the pieces as he found the shapes of the clothes to be at times odd and unflattering. Eventually, he decided to cut his losses and make his own clothing with the same quality materials but with more updated and modern silhouettes. Since 1989, he has been designing clothing that is focused on updating these vintage pieces through constant re-evaluation of how they can be improved for modern use but with the same dedication to quality, fabric, and attention to detail. Though they have clear awareness of heritage, Monitaly are not afraid to break from tradition and push the boundaries of what is possible with the designs they have.

The result is clothes which have old-world feel but with a fresh and modern interpretation that can be translated to modern users. Monitaly is well known for its outerwear, which is heralded in menswear circles as some of the best available; often with very utilitarian features and functionality. Matsuda himself is known to use his own jackets for hiking and fishing trips showing genuine love and belief in his designs ability to perform, constantly assessing the garments durability and construction never settling for anything less than outstanding.

The ultimate goal of the brand is to create clothes which are designed to become more beautiful and distinguished with time and will one day, in the future, take the place of the heritage clothing that inspired them. As the new classics that future generations clothing-enthusiasts will long after and to instill the joy which the heritage brands once instilled upon Matsuda.

Made in Los Angeles / Men’s clothing brand directed by Yuki Matsuda of Meg Company Inc. / “Every Stitch Has a Soul”

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