Naked And Famous Denim: Firewall Selvedge Denim

Naked And Famous Denim are no strangers to experimentation when it comes to denim. They’ve done everything from making the heaviest denim jeans possible to putting real gold in their jeans – recently they even made jeans that are partly made of milk. With every coming season, denim fans hotly anticipate what they will do next.

Their next release in the SS21 range is the Firewall Selvedge denim. Inspired by a trip to Japan while researching materials, the guys at Naked And Famous Denim came across a material they hadn’t seen before. It was lightweight, but also really strong. The material they later found out was a material known as pre-carbon.

Pre-carbon is the material used to make carbon fibre, which is made by superheating the pre-carbon. The material’s distinguishing feature, besides being very tough for its weight, is that it’s also highly fire-resistant.

The Fabric

The Firewall Selvedge id made from a 13.5 oz Japanese Selvedge denim that features a dark indigo warp with a black weft. The black weft comes from the pre-carbon and is interweaved with the Japanese indigo-dyed denim.

The result is a lovely dark denim that has some strong fading potential as the dark blue indigo will fade onto, and contrast with, the black pre-carbon background, creating a high-contrast fades. The stitching is also black which again when worn will achieve a contrasted look.

An important disclaimer about this fabric – although fire-fighter uniforms are made from pre-carbon, they are not mixed with cotton-like these jeans are. Therefore these jeans are not fireproof, DO NOT SET THEM ON FIRE.

The pre-carbon are also highly stretch resistant so will hold their shape really well over time with wear. Unlike pure raw denim, the jeans are not overly rigid which will drastically reduce the breaking in time and overall have a nice smooth texture.

The Leather Patch

The patch is cut from thick buffalo leather and continues the black colourway and as always, features Naked And Famous Denim’s logo. Again with wear, this will achieve a very nice patina with will fade with the rest of your jeans for a personalised look.

Hardwear And Pocket Bags

The buttons and rivets on these jeans are all made from non-reflective mil-spec which are hardwearing and low shine contributing to the muted tones of the jeans. The pocket bags when turned inside out you can see have also been made black.

Selvedge ID

With the cuffs turned up to reveal the selvedge ID, they feature a classic red selvedge ID and keeping things uniform and classic with black on the inside leg.

The Naked & Famous Firewall Denim Jeans will be available in Easy Guy and Weird Guy fits and will be available to shop right here at Stuarts London 09/04/2021 at 00:00.

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