Beginner’s Guide to Camping with Snow Peak

Camping is a very popular pastime and we know that more and more people are interested in camping that have never done so before, so we’re going through some of the best advice we could find for how to start camping if you’re a beginner.

First, a little about Snow Peak, the premiere camping gear label that you’ll want to take advantage of when we can finally get back out into nature and travel the world.

Who are Snow Peak?

A Japanese brand, Snow Peak are a legacy-grade gear and apparel creator that wants to power restorative experiences outdoors. With over 60 years of experience, Snow Peak believe that being outdoors restores something of the human spirit.


Camping is a popular activity in Japan, where Snow Peak are based, and camping is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the Japanese countryside. If you are already planning for your next holiday, we thought you might want to consider this Asian island that’s bursting with culture, flavour, entertainment, and amazing sights to see.

What types of camping exist?

The camping essentials are things that every camper needs to consider, solo or group camping included. We’ve put together a guide for camping for beginners, starting with the variations you can embark on.

Traditional Outdoors camping

What we assume most people will think of when we say camping is the traditional tents beside a lake, forest, or mountain, a real fire, friends sitting on logs, and a clear night sky! In both the UK and Japan, camping is most popularly taken as a summer activity, with the school holidays in both countries being particularly popular; so if you’re looking for fewer people around you, don’t attempt to camp between July and August.

In Japan, many campsites are free — those with facilities are more likely to charge you. With over 3,000 campsites around the country, however, you’re probably going to find something suited to you.

Camping with a vehicle

In Japan, the idea of camping with your car or van is hugely popular, too. So some campsites will allow you to book a space for a car and a tent. You have to make sure you specify you’ll have the car though, otherwise you might find no space to park!

Camping with a vehicle

Car camping is known as “auto camping” in Japan, and it’s actually the most popular style of camping. You usually have enough space to pitch a tent, have a table and some chairs. If you’re in a large group, it would be worth booking multiple spots to allow more than one tent to be set up. The rule is usually one tent per vehicle.

RVs and campers exist to be rented, and some campsites will have RV hookups, but they’re not as popular.

Glamping or Luxury camping

Glamorous camping, or “glamping”, is a fairly new trend in Japan, but it’s an alternative for those who wish to experience the wonderful outdoors of Japan and still retain the luxuries of nice accommodation.


These glamping sites run the gamut from yurts and cabins to private resorts that you have to use a canoe to access. Many glamping sites have access to an onsite restaurant or will offer fine dining.

The best of both worlds!

Camping for Beginners Checklist

There are a few things that you’re going to need regardless of where you’re camping, Japan or the UK. Making a checklist is dependent on where you’re going, but hopefully, you get some great ideas from our list.

Fire pit — In most camping sites, you’re not allowed to have an open fire just anywhere. Japan in particular is very strict about this. In these cases, a fire pit that isolates the burning fuel from the ground and other potentially flammable materials is essential for your camping trip. This pack and carry Snow Peak fire pit makes bringing a fire pit with you easy.

Camp fire

A way to store your hot or cold drinks for a long time without losing their original temperature is key for long hikes; particularly cold weather hikes! This Snow Peak Kangpai bottle is double-walled for insulation, and comes with three different lids for different beverage types!

When camping, there are few things more important than the clothes you wear. The apparel that you choose when hiking, camping, or walking through the wilderness really makes a difference between an unforgettable experience and a miserable existence that can ruin your holiday.

Most importantly, you must look after your feet, and Snow Peak’s full-pile long socks are the perfect way to make sure you stay dry and comfortable all day. Backed, as all Snow Peak products are, by their lifetime guarantee*, these socks will really show you the meaning of quality.

Traditional camping requires a sleeping bag, everyone knows this, but not all sleeping bags are created equal. The Snow Peak Entry Sleeping Bag is a great example of sleeping bags done right. Weighing in at only 1.7kg, this lightweight sleeping bag doubles as a pillow when packed away, perfect for travelling to your campsite.

Last but definitely not least, we have your tent. Snow Peak’s Amenity Dome tent S is a great two-person tent and works well for a solo traveller or couple travelling together. Snow Peak puts their gear through rigorous testing in all weather conditions, and the Amenity Dome is no different. This particular tent comes with a removable rainfly, an outer vestibule, ample ventilation, and pockets to store gear.

Next steps — expanding on your basics

An invaluable piece of equipment for camping; the camping chair. A camping chair isn’t a necessity for the beginner camper, though if you’re not used to sitting on the ground or a log, you definitely want to consider one.

A Snow Peak folding camping chair or a bamboo chair for example is an easy and convenient way to ensure you always have a place to rest your weary legs, particularly on heavy walking and hiking days. These camping chairs are comfortable with canvas seats, use sturdy aluminium components, and come with the traditional Snow Peak lifetime guarantee*.

Fire gloves — If you’re working with fire, then it’s a good idea to protect yourself. Snow Peak’s Fire Side gloves are double-layered and extend up the forearm to protect against sparks. These gloves allow you to handle hot pots and pans, making it easier to cook and prepare food when camping.

Tent lighting is an addition that can make your camping experience easier, particularly if you’re wanting to stay up beyond sundown. There are some different options you can consider for tent lighting, but this LED Candle Lantern from Snow Peak is the perfect lantern for inside your tent.

Camping Tips for Beginners

As campers, we appreciate the outdoors and the natural landscape for its beauty and breathtaking vistas. When you go camping, you should always take your rubbish away with you. Leave the campsite as clean as you found it, if not cleaner.

Always plan to arrive at a campsite in the daylight. Bring a torch or other light source with you, as some campsites won’t have lighting of their own.

Plan to dress warmly, in layers. Nighttime can get very cold when you’re exposed to the elements. Wearing layers means that you can take off and put on layers as you need to heat up and cool down as necessary.

Have fun! Camping is a great way to unwind, get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in a city or town and really explore the natural places of the world. Remember to enjoy yourself.

*See Snow Peak’s website for more information on their lifetime guarantee.

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