C17 Jeans SS21 Denim Collection: First Look

After a year in the works, C17 Jeans have announced their brand new denim collection, fresh for SS21. The full collection is set for release in mid-April, in the meantime here’s everything you need to know about the exciting new denim release.

The Fabric

The fabric for this collection is definitely one of the most impressive we’ve seen from the brand so far. Its produced by two famed Japanese denim mills, one of which you will probably have heard of is Kaihara, a mill known for producing some of the finest denim in the world. While the second, Kuroki, who have been producing denim out of Japan since 1950 and are pioneers in the rope-dying technique.

The denim for these jeans has been made through Kuroki rope-dying process which involves twisting of the denim thread, leaving an uneven surface and slub feel that can only be achieved through this specialised process. The beauty of the fabric is that when it is dyed in indigo it never settles evenly and stead creates a light and dark shading after its first rinse. The more you wash the more this occurs resulting in a truly personalised jean. All the denim for this collection has also been rinsed and treated for shrinkage (sanforisation).

The Kuroki denim is 16.75oz, which is quite heavy compared to other denim brands and a sign of the quality. However, through the wash process, they have managed to lighten the feel and provide more comfort against the skin giving a denim that is smooth inside and highly textured outside.

The second release of the dark overdyed denim is the same style and fit but made from a hand dip-dyed Kaihara denim. More info about these to come soon….

The Jacket

The jacket is inspired by traditional Japanese worker jackets but with a C17 twist by loosening the fit and also taking away the collar. The mandarin collar is something we haven’t seen on a lot of high-end denim jackets like this and we think the result is really impressive.

The jacket also comes with a limited-edition woven patch that you can unstitch and can be placed on the back pocket of the jeans if so desired.

The Details

The buttons on the jeans and jacket are all solid brass which are designed to fade and patina with wear, washing, and time.

This denim collection has been a year in the works, making sure every detail of the denim is perfect and meets up high-quality standards that we’ve come to from C17 Jeans.

The Fit

The cut of the jeans are based on an archival 90s original C17 Jeans but the hem has been altered for a more modern fit to go with more modern styling. The rise is medium and can be worn high or lower depending on preference.

We’re really impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of this denim collection. For fans of the brand and denim-heads alike, these will definitely be ones to check out.

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