It all began in 1958. Yukio Yamai, an accomplished mountaineer, created a Japanese-designed, quality, hard wearing and practical outdoor products and accessories called ‘Snow Peak.’ Niigata Prefecture of Japan is where Yamai was based. With a dissatisfaction with the existing products on the market, he started to design and make products that were simply fit for purpose for what the environment demanded. Niigata Prefecture is renowned for its vast range of mountains with altitudes of 8,051 ft. Throughout these mountainous valleys, fast flowing rivers run, therefore creating a need for products that are multipurpose, hard wearing, practical and effective.  


Since then, the brand has continued to evolve throughout the generations of the family innovating their products whilst always maintaining the same core values that Yamai created. The ideal behind the brand is simple, ‘create restorative experiences in nature through legacy-grade gear and apparel’, what is not so simple is the genius behind each product. The sheer technology and design behind each one of their products ensures the brand is the leader within their industry. The products and apparel that Snow Peak have range from tentsmugsfire grills and even sleeping bags

Snow Peak History

“The rich environment naturally cultivates a strong connection to the outdoors, and Yamai was an accomplished mountaineer who repeatedly challenged himself on the peaks of the prefecture’s famous Mt. Tanigawa. Yamai was dissatisfied with the current gear on the market and sought to create his own line of superior climbing products. He designed innovative equipment utilizing the highly skilled metal craftspeople in his hometown of Tsubame Sanjo, in the Chūetsu region of Niigata, an area known for its fine metalwork.”


The most recent years have taught us the power behind the simple things and the antidote that being outside brings to our lives. All their products offer their owner a chance to escape the noise of modern life and get back to what we should know best, nature. With the significant acceleration in technology, it is becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives the need for escape from the noise and chaos of our everyday routines. Being outdoors has always offered that chance to breathe in fresh air, a welcomed step back from your luxuries that you take for granted and overall a chance to reset. Snow Peak has always wanted their products to allow for a chance to reconnect not only with nature, but with relationships.

“Snow Peak products and experiences create opportunities to reconnect with each other and the natural world, ultimately restoring part of our human spirit.”


Tohru Yamai has led the company since 1980. Although he has retained those values of greatness from his Father, Tohru Yamai has pioneered the company and improved it’s innovation of each and every product. Yamai makes clear that Snow Peak truly embraces their customers’ perspective, through vigorous feedback and practical testing, the products only evolve to get better each and every season. Uniquely, Snow Peak even hosts an annual ‘Snow Peak Way’ campout and their headquarters throughout the world. This initiative is not only a chance for everyone to build connections but it is also an opportunity to foster a close knit community of like minded outdoor enthusiasts. 




Staying true to the brands first ever intentions, all their products are designed with purpose in mind. Their products such as their coloured titanium mugbowls and cutlery all are extremely light weight – perfect for on the go adventures in the great outdoors. The light weight factor of Snow Peaks titanium products isn’t the only thing that makes them a must have for outdoor hikes or camping, they are also extremely durable. The durable nature of their products means they are built to last, crafted for purpose and overall created for your ease. This detail and thoughtfulness of materials is also mirrored across their full range from the Snow Peak fire and grill sets to their dome tents. Here at Stuarts London, we stock the full range of Snow Peak from their camping essentials like the spork, all to their classic Snow Peak insulated blankets. 



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