Parajumpers: Outerwear For All Weather

Parajumpers Badge closeup

Choosing what to put on can be particularly challenging around this time of year. With an undying optimism for the Spring-time weather that we all love, tempered by the chilly reminder on leaving the house, that it’s actually still pretty nippy out.

This tricksy in-between weather calls for clothing that knows how to deal with the elements properly. Stuff that’s designed to keep you warm, but breathable enough to keep you from having to constantly take your jacket on and off when eventually it does start to warm up.

For outdoor gear ready to take on any kind of weather – Parajumpers is the brand to turn to. Taking its name from one of the most revered military units in the world; the 210th Rescue Squadron or The PJS Parajumpers. Based in Anchorage, Alaska, this highly specialised unit deals with some of the harshest conditions on the planet and rescue missions that require only the most skilled in their field.

After meeting these brave people and seeing the work they did first hand, Head Designer Massimo Rossetti was inspired, and he wanted to distil the essence of the Parajumpers into his clothes. He did this by combining highly functional materials and design with an unmistakable Italian, stylistic flair that the brand has become known for.

Parajumpers parka

Since their inception, Parajumpers have made many very impressive pieces of outerwear. All designed to address varying weather conditions, but all sharing the same dedication to durability and functionality while maintaining a timeless style.

Parajumpers Jacket on dancer
Pictured: Parajumpers Superlightweight Ugo Jacket

Here at Stuarts London, we have a wide range of Parajumpers outerwear available from The Last Minute Superlightweight Jacket and Ugo Superlightweight Jacket makes the perfect companion for long walks or hikes where you need heat quickly, but saving on weight.

While the Gobi Spring is one of their most recognisable designs – the Gobi being one of the first designs they put out. Its an incredibly versatile jacket that you won’t want to leave home without.

Parajumpers Gobi Spring Jacket
Pictured: Gobi Spring Jacket

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