Naked & Famous | Joker The Clown Prince of Crime

While Batman is without a doubt one of the most enduring superheroes of all time, his story would not feel complete, and perhaps not have the cultural impact it has had, without the role of the Joker as his rival. In one of the defining characterisations of the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight’, the late Heath Ledger giving his now legendary performance as the joker even says to Batman “You complete me.”

And just like how the Batman completes the Joker, the Batman capsule collection would not be complete without Batman’s arch-nemesis, The Clown Prince Of Crime – The Joker.

This will be the final release in the Batman x Naked And Famous capsule collection and for many fans they’ve saved the best for last. Let’s take a look at some of the details that have gone into this very special denim collection.

The Fabric

The jeans are made from a 12oz Japanese selvedge denim that has an indigo warp and a purple weft, paying tribute to the Joker’s iconic purple suit. The combination of these elements really gives these jeans a unique look that is not often seen in jeans anywhere. We think Naked And Famous have really nailed it though, as the purple is fairly subtle and never overdone.

Embroidered Joker Calling Card Symbol

On the rear pocket Naked And Famous have embroidered the Joker’s calling card icon on the back pocket, the colourful insignia really popping against the dark of the denim. A subtle detail that fans will no doubt enjoy.

‘The Killing Joke’ Leather Patch

As an ode to Alan Moore’s legendary comic book character study of the origins of the Joker, the leather patch on these jeans uses the cover of the comic for its design – The Joker looking suitably insane taking a snapshot with his camera. It’s done in a comic book style onto a genuine leather patch and a matching design can also be found on the pocket flasher.

Joker Logo On The Waist Button

On the front of the jeans, looking at the top button – you can find the Joker’s logo. Each release within the Batman x Naked And Famous collection features its own, unique top button made of metal, again designed to age beautifully and garner a unique patina.

‘HAHAHAHA’ Selvedge ID

One of the Joker’s most recognisable characterists is his laugh, and Naked And Famous have decided to honour this by weaving his insane laughter into the selvedge ID of the jeans, running all the way throughout the leg and also on the top of the coin pocket. This can be seen when the cuff is rolled which is a really cool feature of these jeans and something you won’t see anywhere else.

Joker Green Pocket Bags

The Joker is weaved into every seam of these jeans, even down to the pocket bags, which have been coloured green, matching the iconic colour of The Joker’s shock of green hair.

The Naked & Famous Joker The Clown Prince of Crime denim collection includes selevedge denim jeans in the Easy Guy and Weird Guy fits and a selvedge denim jacket also available. The collection will be available to shop from 00:00 04/03/2021.

Size Guide

TAG SIZE282930313233343638404244
FRONT RISE10.75″11″11.25″11.5″11.5″11.75″11.75″12″12″12.25″12.5″12.75″
BACK RISE13.5″14″14″14.25″14.5″14.5″14.5″15″15″15.5″15.5″16″
UPPER THIGH11″11.25″11.5″12″12.25″12.5″12.5″13″13.75″14″14.5″15.25″
LEG OPENING6.75″7.25″7.5″7.5″7.5″7.75″8″8.25″8.75″9″9.25″9.75″
-940Days -3Hours -34Minutes -46Seconds

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