Dr Martens: Made In England

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Dr Marten boots mean a lot of different things, to different people. But for many, they have stood as a symbol of authenticity, individuality and freedom – a message that is today broadcasted up and down city streets all over the world. That’s why Dr Martens Made In England collection is, perhaps the brand’s best kept secret.

Where Did Dr Martens Originate?

Accounting for only 2% of their total production, the shoes take you back to beginning where it all started. A place that holds a pivotal place in England’s shoe-making history, it was once heart of the shoemaking industry in England – Northamptonshire.

Are Dr Martens Comfortable?

The factory originally only produced one shoe, the now iconic 1460 boot. Known for their comfort as they were originally designed as a more comfortable alternative to leather soled boots. Factory workers, policemen and postmen were among their main clientele. They were work boots, that gained a reputation for being comfortable and reliable.

So how did we get from the factory floor to the symbol of counter-culture that they are today? Well it all started some time in the 1970s. Up and down the country, long hair having, tie dye wearing, hippies seemed to be everywhere. But for some, it was a movement that was intrinsically linked to the middle-class, their status and wealthy parents used as a safety net for when the summer of love enevitably came end.

Why Are Dr Martens So Popular?

This was something that the working class kids of the time couldn’t get on board with, so they laced up their docs, wore tight jeans and shaved their heads as a direct proverbial middle finger to the middle class. Docs were a way of having something of they could call their own and whereas the hippy movement was American imported, Dr Marten boots were unquestionably, British.

The Dr Martens Made In England collection strive to keep that same spirit alive. Made from the original factory, they strive to keep every shoe as close to how they were made back in the day as possible – from the original hand-operated machinary used, to the original lasts.

How Are Dr Martens Constructed?

Original specification Quilton leather is used for the upper, a rare type that is slightly thicker than the leather used on normal docs and not to mention basically bulletproof.

As per original specifications the soles are good-year welted – stitching the upper and sole and finished by heat sealing creating a robust construction for the famous AirWair™ sole.

Here at Stuarts London we have all the Dr Marten Made In England’s most iconic silhouettes including the original 1460, 8 eyelet boot in original colours Black and Oxblood.

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