Batman x Naked And Famous Denim: The Dynamic Duo Selvedge Denim

In many ways, people who are really into denim and people who are into comic books have a lot in common. They both obsess over the minute details of the stories woven into the thing they love. That’s what makes this particular collab so cool and why we’re super excited to announce the upcoming release of the latest Batman x Naked And Famous Denim collab – The Dynamic Duo.

Batman is without a doubt one of the most enduring superheroes ever conceived of. We know him as the dark, brooding figure who lurks in the shadows who constantly walks the line between good and evil. But Batman’s influence extends far beyond that, back to the 1960s when The Caped Crusader, along with his trusty sidekick Robin, was a firm fixture on tv sets all over the world accompanied to the tune of da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BATMAN!

The hit tv series, starring Adam West as Batman, and Burt Ward as Robin, held a special place in the hearts of those who grew up with it, and its influence can still be felt today. With this collab, Naked And Famous Denim wanted to honour the iconic show and make something that both denim fans and fans of the show will love.

The Fabric

The jeans are made from a 12oz Japanese selvedge denim, that has a blue indigo dyed exterior and grey on the inside the weft of the fabric, as an ode to the colours of Batman’s iconic Batsuit costume. The combination of the blue on the grey background produces a slightly lighter hue giving a very unique look to the fabric.

The Leather Patch

Then there is the leather patch. The premium veg-tan leather has been embossed with a Batman and Robin swinging into action as if cut straight from a comic book with its vintage style graphic. Designed to achieve a unique patina as it ages, giving it a double-dose of vintage appeal.

Embroidered Bat Symbol

Also on the reverse of the jeans, you can find the iconic bat symbol. Embroidered on the rear pocket, the yellow really pops against the blue of the jeans making it instantly recognisable. This subtle detailing will be rewarding to fans and onlookers alike.

Bat Signal Button

On the front of the jeans, looking at the top button – you can find the Bat-Signal. Each release within the Batman x Naked And Famous collection features its own, unique top button made of brass, again designed to age beautifully and garner a unique patina.

Original 1960s Logo and Yellow Pockets

Looking at the inside of the jeans, fans are rewarded with the original 60s Batman logo used on the TV show that was synonymous with the show and its characters. Honouring the collab between the two brands – the logo is featured just above Naked And Famous’s own logo – a patch that can be found on this collab only.

Also on the inside, you will find the pocket bags are done in yellow – honouring the yellow of Batman’s utility belt and the yellow used on the centre chest piece of his costume.

Pop Art Action Sound Embroidered Selvedge ID

Fans of the comics and the original TV show will no doubt remember the sounds of the show. ‘POW’, ‘ZAP’, ‘POP’, ‘BAM’, ‘ZLONK’. Accompanied by these pop-art style action graphics, they were one of the most instantly recognisable parts of the show. Naked And Famous decided to honour this by weaving these words into the selvedge ID of the denim which can be seen when the hems are rolled up accompanied by a yellow stitch.

The Batman x Naked And Famous Denim Dynamic DUO Selvedge Denim Jeans will be available right here at Stuarts London availble in both Easy Guy and Weird Guy fits. Dropping 00.00 GMT, 15/02/2021.

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