The Puma Delphin OG : A Terracewear Classic

Puma Trainers From The 80s

Retro fans rejoice – the legendary Puma Delphin is back. A fan-favourite of the terracewear movement of the 70s and 80s, the Delphin was one of key shoes that helped solidify the Terrace-style look with its mass appeal and advanced shoe tech.

Its an exciting time for Puma, as just last year they announced the Puma Archive – the holy grail of vintage Puma, including everything from trainers to memorabilia thought lost long ago. This is all thanks to a man named Helmut Fischer who has well and truly earned the title of Mr Puma.

Puma Delphin Premium

With this new and unprecedented access to thousands of rare archival pieces, Puma has announced that they are now busy making digital scans of every item in the archive. This means access to some of Puma’s most famous vintage trainers ever made. The Delphin OG being one of the first of its kind.

There have been many versions of the Delphin over the years but perhaps best known is with the ‘Contact’ sole, found on the OG release. With its distinctive chunky look, this contrasting gum sole has undoubtedly has influenced many that have come after it.

Coming with a creamy all suede upper and slim toe box, it’s a great-looking shoe, and with the addition of flowing leather side-panels, the overall quality finish is something not often seen today.

The OG release comes in two original colourways; Navy & Yellow and Tigerlily and look just as unique as the they did on their original release.

For retro fans and trainer enthusiasts alike, this is one not to miss. Available online now in a range of sizes.

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