Mahabis: A New Kind Of Slipper

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Slippers aren’t exactly the first shoes you think of to show off to your mates. There is an assumption there that because they’re comfortable and you use them daily that they can’t also be good-looking shoes. Well, London-based slipper makers Mahabis may have something to say about that.

The indoor (and outdoor) footwear specialists are determined to change people’s perception of this criminally under-rated piece of footwear and show that not only can slippers be comfortable and reliable but can also have a sleek, modern look to go along with it.

Born out the concept that time relaxing can also be time well spent, a sentiment that in our increasingly work-orientated lives seems to be more appropriate than ever. Mahabis have set out to reinvent the slipper itself – no mean feat. Not only this, but they also want to get people looking forward to their relaxation time and to elevate the whole experience with their slippers.

Fireplace scene Mahabis

The slippers are distinctly minimal in their design. They are unobtrusive and designed to complement the environment in which they inhabit. They feature two design innovations that you won’t find on your average slipper. One of the most obvious being a neoprene heel grip. A soft, flexible fabric designed to keep your heel in place when walking about – no more annoying slopping up and down when going up and down stairs.

The second innovation is the sole. Mahabis slippers feature what they call a ‘hybrid sole’, meaning they are designed to fair just as well as outdoor shoes as indoor – no more thinking about what shoes to wear to the shops, just carry on out the door. The sole is notably slim to fit with the rest of the silhouette of the shoe which is designed to sit close to your foot giving optimal support and comfort. Coming in a range of colours you can choose them to as muted or as loud as you prefer.

Mahabis Slippers

Mahabis are premium slippers, and that’s not just a tag line – they mean it. A lot of research went into, not only the design of the slippers, but the materials used in the making of them. The wool used in the slippers, for example, is sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Soft Corriedale and fine Romney wools are known for their luxuriously soft feel, ability to retain warmth, and natural anti-odor properties. The result of all this is a slipper that offers superior comfort, minimalist styling, and innovative design.

There are currently a few different proprietary designs on offer in the Mahabis range. Let’s take a look at some of the various features of each.

The Classic

Mahabis Slippers

Their first and original design, the Classic was where it all started for Mahabis. It features all the design elements which put the brand on the map with their instantly recognisable neoprene heel support, extra comfy foam footbed, and hybrid sole. It has a premium felt upper and is lined with their special Romney wool. Style-wise it is a slightly fuller design than the others and features more muted colours. A great option if you want all the design details that make Mahabis great but want to stick to something that looks closest to a traditional slipper.

The Curve

Mahabis Slippers

The Curve is Mahabis’s most recent exploration into footwear and features a slightly different design and use of materials to the Original. The Curve features a slightly chunkier sole that also covers the toecap offering extra resistance to wear by protecting the toe with the tough rubber seen here in a brilliant sky blue. The interior of the curve is made, and an Italian felt upper exterior using 100% recycled wool. Overall a slightly more modern design with some nice added features.

Check out the full range we have available in both the Classic and the Curve in a selection of colours and styles. Follow the link below to find out more.

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