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Image by Mr Slowboy via Barbour

Upon first seeing an illustration by Mr Slowboy, it becomes immediately apparent that there is something very interesting at play. The cartoonlike features of the character, contrasted with the impeccably put together outfit combinations, that could only be envisioned by someone who was deeply passionate about mens clothing. Mixing elements of sartorialism with American ivy and streetwear so seamlessly, presenting something that previously seemed so elusive and bringing it into focus, something concrete that you can point to and say “That. That’s cool.”

The man behind Mr Slowboy

Fei Wang, the man behind Mr Slowboy, says he draws his inspiration from many places, but certainly was influenced by the early menswear illustrators René Gruau or Laurence Fellows – two giants of what is considered the golden age of menswear illustration from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Their illustrations in Esquire Magazine and others were instrumental in changing the way men viewed clothing. It was not just clothes that the artists sold but a lifestyle of leisure and luxury that went with the clothes that were aspirational to so many men.

Barbour x Mr Slowboy Drawing
Image by Mr Slowboy via Barbour

What Fei does really well, is bring these ideas into the modern day with a zest and vigour that is undeniable. The response within the menswear space has been incredible. Through the use of pose, expression, or even a prop, his illustrations have a way of injecting humour and a human touch that was sorely missing, in the often a bit serious and stuffy world of sartorialism. He has since gone on to work with some of the top names in men’s clothing and sartorial world including Barbour, Drakes, Alfred Dunhill, Mackintosh, The Armoury, and Suit Supply.

Barbour x Mr Slowboy T Shirt

Before going full-time with illustration, Fei spent much of his working life in the advertising industry. He eventually got to point in his career where he felt he had achieved everything he set out to, but his passion for illustration and menswear remained constant. Friends and colleagues urged him to do more work and to post it online. So in 2015 Fei, set up his Instagram account in which he still works from today. Within a few months, he’d secured work with Lock & Co Hatters, one of the oldest and most well-renowned hat-makers in the world.

He also does personal commissions and through this work has, in many ways, defined the who’s who of the menswear online community. Having your picture drawn by Fei Wang is the illustrative equivalent of being photographed by Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) and in fact, by now he’s drawn a large number of the prominant figures within the community. His work with Drake’s created a real buzz, breathing new life into the Saville Row suit-makers and helping establish them as a must-have brand for the modern man.

Barbour x Mr Slowboy T Shirt

Barbour x Mr Slowboy UK Stockists

Barbour wax jackets have been a common thread that runs throughout Fei’s work and so Barbour have decided to honour their work together in a recent collaboration with the brand. The collab features a collection of t-shirts that feature his now-iconic illustrations of various people within the menswear space wearing their favourite Barbours wax jackets, drawn in his distinct, whimsical style that we hope to see plenty more of in the future.

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