Astorflex: Hand Made In Italy

Astorflex shoes

‘La Scarpa Buona’ – the good shoe. This is the slogan of Astorflex, the Italian shoemaker who has three generations of shoemaking under its belt. Not as well known as its competitors, they have a relatively small output of shoes every year, working out of the same factory that they started in all those years ago in the small Italian town of Castel d’Ario in Matova.

Known for their masterful craftsmanship, each pair of shoes is handmade in Italy by artisans who have worked in the trade for most of their life. The attention to detail on the finish of each shoe is exceptional and for the quality of shoe you’re getting, they come with a pretty reasonable price tag.

Their leather is sourced from a secret location in Tuscany, a region renowned for its specialist leather goods spanning as far back as the renaissance period. It’s not only the quality of the leather that stands out, but also how it is implemented into the shoe.

Astorflex shoes

The insole, for example, is made from a vegetable-tanned calf leather achieved by soaking the leather in a mysterious concoction of water, powdered oak bark, and mimosa. This is to ensure a softer, healthier leather that is hypoallergenic and offers better sweat absorption – keeping your feet dry and odorless throughout the day.

Not only this, but the company is unwavering in its determination to be fully sustainable. The outsoles of most of their shoes are made from responsibly natural rubber and any adhesives used are water-based meaning this is probably as close as you’re going to get, to what you could call, an ‘organic’ shoe.

Astorflex shoes

As a company of such rich shoemaking heritage, you might assume that they might follow some ancient process and are unwilling to change with the times – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Astorflex is constantly re-evaluating its production methods always with a responsible, transparent, and as far as possible, sustainable approach.

They produce many exceptional shoes. Perhaps best known for their desert boots – which lend themselves perfectly to their style using natural rubber outsoles. Some have even claimed that they are the best of their kind available.

Astorflex shoes

Astorflex are brilliant because they occupy an area between formal and casual shoes. The absence of a hard-bottom leather sole means they can be worn with pretty much anything and are not loud in their design, but speak a quiet elegance that will be noticed by the discerning eye.

Whichever design you prefer (honestly they are all good), here at Stuarts London we are proudly one of the largest suppliers of Astorflex in the UK and have a wide selection of styles, materials, and colourways on offer.

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