Naked And Famous Denim: Chinese New Year – Metal Ox

A new season marks exciting new releases for denim brands everywhere. Few are more hotly anticipated than that of Naked And Famous Denim. The Canadian Denim brand who have really been setting the bar for what is possible with denim for a while now.

Their first release from their SS21 collection is no different. The Chinese New Year – Metal Ox.

In the Chinese Zodiac, there are 12 animals that cycle through every year and there are 5 elements that cycle through every other year. This year the brand celebrates the year of the Metal Ox. Let’s get into the details of the jeans.

First off theres the leather patch on the back of the jeans. The patch is made from vegetable-tan natural leather and features the Metal Ox Zodiac with his pick ax and shuttle representing diligence and hard-work not seeking praise or attention but are nonetheless well liked socially. The design is embossed in a luxurious gold foil.

Chinese New Year is often associated with the colour red as it is believed to bring good luck. For this reason Naked And Famous Denim have made the inner pocket linings of the jeans a lovely red colour to match the pocket flasher.

Another detail is the metallic, red and gold detailing on the coin pocket of the jeans representing prosperity and wealth. This detailing runs through the entire jean and can be seen when the cuff is flipped to reveal a red and gold selvedge ID.

The denim used is a 12.5oz Japanese Selvedge denim, utilising a short-slug yarn giving a jeans a unique texture and look with variations in shade and colour. The short slub yarn achieves a unique feel that is not an extreme slub but has a fairly uniform texture like a more traditional denim but still has a that unique streaky look.

The Chinese New Year – Metal Ox Denim will be available in the brands three most popular fits – Super Guy, Weird Guy and Easy Guy and will be available from Friday 15th January 2021 online right here at Stuarts London.

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