Autry SS21: First Look

Following the success of their relaunch last year, the Autry has quickly become a Stuarts London favourite. As the first store in the UK to stock the brand we are really exciting to announce that we will be restocking for SS21. In this blog we’ll be giving you a sneak-peak at SS21 and what we know so far.

For SS21, Autry once again showcase that vintage sneaker silhouette that we know and love. Its classic and timeless, while at the same time, differentiates itself enough from competitors by balancing minimal and throwback styling with something that looks modern.

Buttery smooth leather uppers sit on a tasteful muted outsole delivering a shoe that is extremely versatile and timeless looking. SS21 sees the introduction of Spring colours like bright yellows, Ferrari reds, Amazon greens and azzuro blues featured on the leather heel contrasting with the classic white.

Only Premium leathers are used on each shoe. This in combination with a chunky sole gives the shoe a more substansial feel making a shoe that is designed to last and offer great comfort.

For those who are fans of the classic all-white model, you will not be disappointed as these will be returning for SS21. Speaking of which we’ve just got a restock of some of our best-selling colourways. Get them while stocks last.

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