Taion: High Design, High Functionality

Taion is a word that, in Japanese, translates to ‘body temperature’. A fitting name for a brand that are experts in the use of down in outerwear. Setting out to create items that are highly functional without sacrificing design, they strive to innovate and create down garments that will perform and look great.

The term ultralight or ultralightweight it thrown around a lot in the technical garment world today, but Taion’s products truly fit that description. They quite literally barely weigh anything at all making them a great option for those who love to travel light and want something functional.

This is lightness is achieved by Taions special selection of materials. Many of the items feature a combination of mature waterfowl down and feathers (90% and 10%) with a nylon water-repellent outer shell.

The vests are also flatter in appearance than most down garments, making them appear almost like a waistcoat – the idea being you can layer them as a mid-layer over t-shirts and shirts and under jackets and coats for extra warmth, without adding extra unnecessary bulk.

Due to their lightweight and slim silhouette, they are also highly packable. Each vest comes with its own ultralight stuff sack that makes them great to take your bag, ready to deploy at a moments notice when it gets chilly out.

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