Gramicci AW20: A Closer Look

Gramicci are back for another season and we are excited to show some of our favourite pieces found in the new line. We covered the beginnings of the Gramicci as brand last season where you can find out more about the history of the brand and how they went selling gear to climbers exclusively to then becoming a sensation in Japan, and now established as global outdoor lifestyle brand which you can check out here.

Gramicci have always focused on using performance grade materials that do their job in the field whether it be climbing, hiking or any other outdoor activity but balancing that with attention to detail of epic proportions and styles that have cross-generational appeal but a strong youthful energy.

Incredibly lightweight outerwear that will take you from the mountains to the city with ease utilising technical fabrics that perform. All too often we find ourselves having to choose between practical gear that looks naff, and the clothes we really want to wear that scrimp on the doing what they’re supposed to – keep you warm. With Japanese design elements such as Komatsu nylon, a fabric that not only features water resistant properties and is amazingly lightweight but also has a texture unique to the fabric, giving it a slightly crinkled look and demonstrates a clear mark of quality.

Synthetic fabrics are nothing new in streetwear and outwear brands – well loved for their high performing qualities whilst keeping weight to a minimum. Many of the jackets featured in this season feature a water repellent nylon outer shell with a fleece lining that gives an amazing amount of warmth for they’re weight. For when it gets extra cold the Gramicci Boa fleece is a great option with its raised neck and thick pile fleece – this one works great as a top or mid layer and is guaranteed to keep you toasty when the cold weather strikes.

Where it all started. The Gramicci pant. Originally a trouser used by climbers – its loose fit ensures maximum manoeuvrability and a gusseted crotch stopped the problem of blow out when getting into difficult holds. With their connection to extreme sports, the garment started to be picked up by skaters and thereafter the youth of the 90s more generally. But nowhere else was there a more acute following of the trousers than in Japan where they had garnered a cult like status among discerning wearers.

Today the trousers are worn by those looking for a technically capable outdoor trouser that is hardwearing and look great, as well as those who simply like the aesthetic. We think they are a great option for those looking to branch out into the world of wider fitting trousers. This season Gramicci have expanded upon their original cotton canvas designs to more winter ready fabrics including a really nice midweight cord option. Along with Gramicci’s signature integrated belt – giving a menswear classic that has garnered a bit of a stuffy reputation over the years, a much needed more modern and casual edge. Coming in a range of neutral colours make these great quality trousers a versatile choice for this season.

Another addition this season that we are big fans of over at Stuarts London are the ‘One Point Long Sleeve Tees’. These come in a mid-weight cotton, that is extra soft and slightly thicker than your average long sleeve tee making it somewhere between a t-shirt and a sweat. Choice details like the ribbed cuffs and single chest pocket along with their versatile colour range make these too easy to layer under a wide range of outerwear options, giving these possible wardrobe-essential status this season.

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