Nigel Cabourn AW20 | Army Gym

Famous for being an iconic British cult designer, Nigel Cabourn has over 40 years within the fashion industry. The brand is renowned for not being influenced by fashion trends and instead focus on inspirational people throughout history to inspire their future looks. The brand also derives inspiration from vintage military, the great outdoors and classic work wear. These inspirations combined, the iconic Nigel Cabourn brand was formed.

The label first began in 1970 and it has since become an iconic brand of cult fashion in Britain. Nigel Cabourn. Nigel Cabourn was first born in 1949 and later went on to study fashion design at Northumbria University. To this day, his studio is still based in the North East of England proving the roots behind the brand remain strong. Famously stating that he doesn’t consider himself a fashion designer as he steers clear of trends, the brand continues to evolve each season whilst always retaining its core values of quality, style and stories behind the garments.

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