Jason Markk | Level Up Your Shoe Care Game

It all began in 2007, when Jason Markk created a line of specialised, luxury skincare accessories and shoe care solutions. Since its creation, the brand has grown and has since become one of the go to brands for premium shoe care. The brands ideals are simple, just like the products – it wants to promote a culture of care and promote the quality of each of their products. Another important value the brand holds close is the experience, each and every product should give you a great experience in caring for your shoes – not only as it works effortlessly with great results but that everything from the packaging to the ingredients is luxury. 

Another drive behind the brands creation was the lack of shoe care and accessories for Sneakerheads – Jason Markk wanted to fill this niche with his line of products. Building the foundation of the brand with a grassroots approach, enthusiasts, collectors and publications quickly recognized it as the best product on the market. More recently, Jason Markk launched the first dual-textured cleaning wipe for sneakers and shortly after that, a premium stain and water repellent.

The company’s goal is to fulfill the needs and wants of today’s sneaker consumer by continuing to be innovative and creative. Its mission is to become the most widely recognised and trusted shoe product, cleaning service and accessory brand in the world.

Take care of everything. Every thing is relative. 

Not one to just stop at products… May of 2014 saw another historic move from Jason Markk as they opened “The World’s First Drop-off Sneaker Care Service” located in the Little Tokyo Historic District of Los Angeles. This first of its kind flagship store merges the concept of dry cleaning for your kicks with an all encompassing experience of the Jason Markk brand. It’s a space where special events are held, a boutique with Jason Markk’s full line along with other sneaker lifestyle products and also where experienced and knowledgeable Sneaker Care Technicians (SCTs) take care of your shoes.

Built to make your shoes last. Each product by Jason Markk is designed to elevate your shoe game by keeping that new fresh feel with every clean. Arriving online and in-store at Stuarts London, we have an array of products to elevate your shoe cleaning game and truly level up your shoe care routines. 

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