MALIN+GOETZ: Straight From NYC


Malin + Goetz is arriving this season both in-store and online at Stuarts London. As the independent stockist, we are looking forward to welcoming the brand and introducing an array of their products and accessories. The brand has a rich and interesting story all of which translates into each and every product the brand has created. The brand’s ethos is simple, it provides products that are simple yet effective. The genderless identity of each product also adds that the product is for everyone – all skin types. This means that it is an uncomplicated set of grooming and lifestyle accessories that will add a sense of luxury with minimalistic products that actually do work. The sense of a minimalistic brand is portrayed not only through the ingredients (no nasty hidden ingredients), the bottle itself but also the routine of each product. There are no awkward steps to each product or ten thousands steps before you complete the routine – in fact most are as easy as two steps. 

The brand all began when founders Malin & Goetz both wanted to create a brand to solve their own personal skin problems as well as creating a product they could both use. Malin suffered from eczema, seborrhea and rosacea. He felt that there were no products out there for him that were simple with clean ingredients but also that actually worked. Goetz on the other hand had no skin issues but was looking for a modern product to add value to his everyday routine. From this, the brand Malin + Goetz was born. With both their expertise within the beauty and fashion industry the brand soon propelled into becoming the leading skincare brand with flagship stores all around the world. The brand has also branched out in innovating their product line with deodorants and hand poured candles from NYC. No matter the success or innovation of the brand, the core values are always encompassed within each and every product.

“our names are on the bottles. as such, so are our values. we strive to make the most efficacious and healthful products possible. it’s incredibly paramount to us that every product does what we say it’s going to do, and to formulate products that are safe and gentle.” – andrew goetz

The Product

“Our cleansers are formulated with amino acids to hydrate and purify without drying while our advanced moisturizers utilize botanically-derived fatty acids to intensely hydrate without leaving residue. Our targeted treatments offer effective solutions for specific concerns, and can be incorporated into a regimen as needed. Formulated with sensitive skin in mind, our products are suitable for all skin types and genders and are locally-made in the New York area to limit our carbon footprint. We never test on animals and are always striving towards more sustainable formulation and packaging practices.”

The design of their bottles also add to the sense of uniqueness and modern identity. Inspired by traditional apothecary and a chemists label, it makes a bold yet classic addition to your bathroom side. We are excited to have an array of the Malin + Goetz products arriving all of which will be available both in-store and online. 


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