Mackage: Changing The Outerwear Game


Eran Elfassy created the brand in 1999. Two years from creation, Elisa Dahan joined him. Since then, they have both created one of the most contemporary prestigious outerwear brands. The mission of the brand is simple, they wanted to create garments that elevate what is currently on the market but to also add a unique touch of fashion mixed with functionality.

Mackage has changed the outerwear game

By using high quality materials within every stitch, the brand encompasses precision and attention to detail. This unwavering sense of quality and innovation is within every silhouette and design.


AW20 is no exception. The brands latest collection has taken innovative fabrics to a new level. By combining practical, highly functional materials these garments are built for the outdoors. The coats also encompass that classic Mackage stylish edge allowing the wearer to have a garment that is not only built to last, but also crafted on trend.

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