Outfit Edit: Japanese Style

This latest outfit takes inspiration from some of our Japanese brands that we stock both in-store and online. Giving a true outdoors vibe with high quality minimal branding, these are some exciting pieces for AW20. Starting from the shoes, we have the Moonstar boot.

Moonstar produces all their shoes out of a single factory located in Kurume – a city that lies at the heart of the Japanese rubber industry. First opening their doors in 1837, Moonstar took advantage of this direct access to this amazing, high-quality, rubber, and became known for a particular shoe named Jika-Tabi. A Japanese traditional work shoe that is known for its durable and comfortable often used for gardening, chores, or other work – the shoe is characterised by its distinctive split toe.

This outfit is then paired with Workware, a new brand to Stuarts London. Workware is a Japanese inspired brand that focuses on high quality garments that incorporate modern materials and thoughtful design. The latest collection stays true to the brand’s core values of exceptional craftsmanship and design. The brand stands for a mixture of both old and new, it believes that behind each piece and design – there is a story to be seen and heard. With each garment having it’s own story, the brand conceptualises this through the power of modern materials, innovative designs all whilst including a heritage feel. Finally, the outfit edit also features a low chair by Snow Peak . The brand’s ethos and core values are intimately tied to a deep love and respect of nature and their products are designed to work with the landscape and not against it – often made from recycled materials and designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Overall all these brands come together to feature a true Japanese Heritage inspired outfit. Styled in-store (Shepherds Bush, London) and all products are also available online.

To accessorise our shot, we’ve also added clutch magazine and a Filson bag both aligning nicely with the values behind the other brands we are offering in our latest outfit. Filson is renowned for offering durable, high quality and practical garments and accessories. Their headquarters is based in Seattle, Washington. The brand is truly unique in the fact that they use heavy weight tin cloth, warn mackinaw wool and other materials all of which reflect the brands core identity of quality, long lasting and classic attire. This bag in particular is a great piece that is timeless. Clutch magazine Clutch Books was first created in 2012 with the aim of creating reading material that was timeless and that wasn’t just a simple trend. Since the beginning, the brand has been proud to combine their passion for showcasing the very best products, people, places and events for their readers to enjoy.

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