Calvin Klein Underwear & Lounge

Calvin Klein encompasses a bold, iconic yet minimal aesthetic and has done since the brand first began. The brand has said it seeks to ‘thrill and inspire’ with all their designs, imagery and concepts. The was first founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein himself alongside his business partner Barry Schwartz. Since 68’ the brand has been propelled into success and has since become a leader within the fashion industry. This season, we are excited to have Calvin Klein underwear and loungewear online and in-store. 

bold, iconic yet minimal aesthetic

Arriving in a range of styles, the brand allows silhouettes and styles to fit all and to match to your comfort style. With their signature briefs to relaxed boxers – they are all crafted with exceptional materials to not only allow for a soft feel but to also had quality to an everyday item. Breathable fabrics also add to the quality of each and every Calvin Kleins to offer a sense of practicality to only add value to your everyday. Marketed as your ‘second skin’ the underwear is finished with the iconic Calvin Klein waistband. The classic trunks in high-stretch cotton sit on your waistline for a smooth fit under trousers. Low-rise trunks sit just below the waist and are designed to work with the everyday denim. Also arriving this season is a selection of lounge wear such as dressing gowns adding luxury to your comfort wear.

Breathable fabrics

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