Oliver Spencer: “being smart, being distinctive, being comfortable”

The brand comes from the true vision and innovative spirit of the man, Oliver Spencer. First beginning as a self taught tailor and shopkeeper, Oli’s eye is said to be at the core of everything the brand does and continues to do to this day. The brand was first founded back in 2002 fueled by the frustration of the limitations at Art school, he set out to create his own path to truly showcase his talents and passions. This passion was to create something new, something that was unique compared to what was already available that held quality and fit at the core.

Quality needn’t mean formality; casual needn’t mean careless.

This take on premium tailoring with a modern twist since propelled his brand into the light and it soon became the classic brand we all know today. Starting from just one shop in London, Oliver has since go on to open four new shops as well as an international online business. The brand is also stocked at luxury retailers and of course, online and in-store here at Stuarts London. Showing two collections a year at London Collections: Men, Oliver Spencer has built an international reputation for what GQ calls a ‘uniquely British take on relaxed style’.

“For me, Oliver Spencer is about being yourself while being smart, being distinctive, being comfortable. I want to make clothes that you can adopt and inhabit. Clothes you can live in, clothes you can do things in.” — Oliver Spencer

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