Serge DeNimes | Timeless Designs.

Serge DeNimes focuses on design and quality. Arriving this season to Stuarts London, they provide premium jewellery with a very reasonable price point. Each and every piece is also designed right here in London and hallmarked at the Goldsmiths’ Assay Office.

The brand was first created in 2011 by Oliver Proudlock. The brand was built on creating jewellery that has a story and purpose, by supporting up-and-coming talent within the creative industry to ensuring all designs are authentic. Fast forward to now, the brand is globally recognised for their innovative nature and premium materials. 

“We create 3-4 collections each year, each one with a unique theme and story behind it. We aim to provide classic styles and silhouettes alongside statement pieces for relevant yet timeless collections every time.”

While the brand predominantly focuses on men’s jewellery, the rings are available in 6 sizes so that they can be worn by all genders, for any style. It’s simply up to the wearer. This is also mirrored in the necklaces & bracelets from the brand.

“Part of the Serge DeNimes roots is creating a lifestyle. We strive to build an artistic community through our Serge Meets series, which gives us the opportunity to meet an array of talent and give them a platform to spread their message & share their talent. From ballet dancers to musicians, influencers to skateboarders, if you’ve got a talent, let us know! We’d love to grow our community more and give back to the inspiring people that have helped us become what we are today.”

The brand is set to drop online next week with an array of chains, rings and bracelets.


We would recommend using a lightly damp cloth to clean all Serge DeNimes jewellery. The following we do not recommend as it may affect the quality of the product, design or plating.

  • Submerging product in boiling water
  • Using washing up liquid, fairy liquid or any other cleaning product that is not specifically for Silver or Gold Plated Jewellery
  • Leaving the product in water for a prolonged period of time
  • Showering/bathing in the product.
  • Working out, in the gym, out of the gym, no seshes whatsoever while wearing jewellery.
  • No Martial Arts, that’s BJJ, Kung Fu, Krav, UFC, Wrestling, you name it. Don’t do it. 
  • Sauna/Steam Room
  • Swimming in any water. This includes the sea, swimming pools – We know how fun pool parties are but please take off your jewellery before you are about to 360 backflips for the gram.
  • Do not get alcohol on them, we know it’s hard to not get your hands wet when popping bottles in Ibiza.

Sweat (over time) will tarnish the plating of Silver and Gold Jewellery naturally so we recommend to take off your rings where you can on hot days and avoid wearing them every single day, much like a suit or a pair of shoes, give them time to breathe away from skin contact.


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