Moonstar Japan: Coming Soon To Stuarts London

Close up of white Moonstar shoes

Every now and again a brand comes along that embodies the essence of everything good about heritage menswear. Tradition, passion, craftsmanship, – Moonstar Japan has all three in spades and then some.

Japanese clothing brands are respected around the world for their undying dedication to quality and innovation. They have a habit of taking something that already exists and through obsessive researching and experimentation elevate it almost to a work of art. We’ve seen it in their adoption of Americana, selvage denim, and shoes.

Moonstar produces all their shoes out of a single factory located in Kurume – a city that lies at the heart of the Japanese rubber industry. First opening their doors in 1837, Moonstar took advantage of this direct access to this amazing, high-quality, rubber, and became known for a particular shoe named Jika-Tabi. A Japanese traditional work shoe that is known for its durable and comfortable often used for gardening, chores, or other work – the shoe is characterised by its distinctive split toe.

Closeup of manufacturing process

Balancing their wealth of shoemaking experience, dedication to tradition, and technological innovation – Moonstar have created a range of shoes that are comfortable, minimalistically inclined, and built to last.

Moonstar have a very intentional process. Each shoe is hand made by a skilled artisan and they have traditionally made in very limited numbers. Even today, their focus is always on making sure that every shoe they produce is to the absolute highest standard – the result being a very low scrap rate and the best possible end product.

All shoes go through a process of vulcanisation, something that is practiced by very few factories around the world. It is a process that requires a skilled artisan and is done completely by hand. The vulcanisation process creates a sole that is durable, flexible and maintains its shape.

The second manufacturing technique that Moonstar uses to achieve their unique footwear is something called Chic Injection. By injecting the rubber directly into the last of the shoe and then immediately attaching that last to the upper – it ensures a better and more comfortable fit that cannot be achieved through other means.

Moonstar’s shoes are instantly recognisable for their vulcanised rubber soles, which, not only give a slightly different look to the shoe that you would usually see on a canvas trainer, for example, but also serves a specific purpose. Through their skilled artisanship and rigorous manufacturing methods – they create a sole that is ready for any type of weather and any situation.

We are very proud to be chosen as official stockists of Moonstar and we have a feeling that you’re going to love wearing them as much as we love talking about them.

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