adidas Originals: Superstar Pure

As part of their City Pack, adidas Originals flex their global influence paying homage to the cities of the movers and shakers that helped shape adidas into the brand it is today. The Shanghai – Toyko City Pack looks to the East for inspiration with two cities that have left their own impact on adidas whether it be in the designs or the culture surrounding them.

Taking the iconic design of the original adidas Superstar and stripping it down to its essentials and rebuilding it – each incarnation different to the other with influences from the city that bears its name.

Adidas Superstar Pure White

Made with premium leather which is showcased through a more stripped back, minimalist design. The three stripes on the side of the shoe that made the shoe so recognisable have been removed – what remains is only the suggestion of stripes – showing just how recognisable the silhouette of the shoe has become.

The same reinforced toe box that was so groundbreaking at the time remains striking today and without equal. The shoes are designed for city life with a molded sock liner and leather lining to give you day in day out comfort for exploring the cities you love.

The Shanghai features subtle off-white laces that contrast with the white pebbled leather upper with a contrasting black heel keeping the colour palette simplified and striking with the adidas logo in gold to match the gold stamp signifying the city the shoe reps.

The Tokyo uses a similar colour palette with the black taking center stage on the upper with contrasting white toe box and heel support for a simple, yet striking look.

We’re big fans of both shoes. With their sleek minimalist design and colour palette, these are some incredibly versatile shoes which can be dressed up or dressed down giving you a range of options to wear them with.

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