Tellason Denim, Made in San Francisco

1990 as the year that Tellason founders Tony Patella and Pete Searson, became friends. A shared interest of durable, hard wearing and quality goods soon became apparent and they used this passion to create the Tellason brand. All the denim has been produced, designed and manufactured in their home city of San Francisco, USA. It is a prominent value within the company that the denim will always be made where it should be, the USA. In their words:

“denim conscious consumers around the world desire jeans made in America and specifically in San Francisco.”

They are very proud to still produce all their denim in the USA, from all the buttons to the rivets, all are made in San Francisco. 

“We are 100% committed to the city of San Francisco and will make our jeans here and only here, forever. This place is the home of blue jean culture as we know it and moving production somewhere else to save a couple of bucks just won’t happen. If you know us, you know this to be true…”

By 2008, when the global economy was suffering, they used this negative situation to create and focus on one item, the John Graham Mellor, the slim straight fit. The focus behind this was to create a denim jean that is hard wearing and still encompassed their passions from when they first became friends. The care and detail that went into the denim jeans was undeniable and the fit was created with a genius precision. 

the knowledge they share is exceptional

Their passion does not just translate into design, the knowledge they share is exceptional. With strong views on denim, the founders said this in regards to raw denim:

“By starting with raw denim, you not only get to provide your own real-life wear patterns, you also get the benefit of a custom fit as raw denim will mold to your body the way a great pair of leather shoes molds to your feet. Pre-washed jeans do not have this ability as the cotton has been completely stressed by the chemicals, hot water and commercial dryers. There is nothing personal about wearing jeans that have been heavily manipulated by a team of factory workers helping destroy a jean due to a blip of a fashion trend before the pair even make it to the selling floor! This process kills the jean or at least leaves it half dead before you have the chance to wear them. Would you buy a new car or new shoe that went through the same process?” 

With this in mind, they offer both raw denim and selvedge denim to give the wearer their chance to wear it in how they see fit. The quality of all their products is undeniable. The price point is great considering the wear you will get out of the denim. Starting out with unprocessed raw denim is said to make the jeans last longer as it has not been heavily processed with chemicals, stones and excess water. The custom made pocketing also gives each pair a strong structure that will pass the test of time. Within every stitch of the denim, the brand follows an ethos of creating something that will not simply be thrown away when it shows aging, it will instead become its own design and be valued. The disposable lifestyle is over. Arriving in their iconic silhouettes and styles at Stuarts London both in-store and online, this is a denim brand not to be missed. Arriving in the coming weeks, keep an eye on our latest arrivals and socials for updates…

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