Norse Projects: Scandinavian Functionalism

Norse Projects Store Sign

If you’re into your clothes, then no doubt you’ve heard of Norse Projects. The Denmark based brand has led the charge in putting the Nordic clothing brands on the map, consistently putting out high quality, well-performing garments that seem to be exactly what you’re looking for at any one time.

The Scandinavian brand has come a long way in a relatively short time – opening its doors for the first time in 2009 as a general menswear store, stocking mostly American skate brands. They started out making a few t-shirts and hats (pieces they are still known for today) here and there and pretty soon they were struggling to keep up with the demand.

When they realised that many of the brands they were stocking were expensive to import and lacking the quality that they knew their customers were looking for – they decided to fulfill a dream they’d had since starting and in fall 2009 they had launched their first full line.

Norse projects hat

Drawing upon the Copenhagen skate and graffiti scenes which founders Tobia and Mikkel grew up around – they wanted to create a brand that represented the world that surrounded them and which referenced something that they believed was distinctly Nordic related to functionality.

They also were influenced by Japanese clothing brands. They wanted to do something similar in terms of materials but with make it more accessible. They felt many of the clothes to be well made but over-designed so when crafting their identity as a brand, they decided that Norse Projects would be all about quality, functionality, and have designs that were minimalistic.

Norse projects lookbook image

These principles are still clear to see today in their collections. Over the years they have honed their design style to make clothes recognisable in their style. However, that is not to say that Norse Projects are afraid to experiment – season to season they are constantly reimagining new materials, shapes, and styles while sticking to the core design principles that they started out with.

Due to their simplistic approach to design Norse Projects is a brand that makes clothing that is intentionally easy to wear – making them a great option for good quality wardrobe basics like t-shirts, trousers, shorts, and outerwear

Norse projects lookbook image close up

You can check out our picks from their SS20 collection below.

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