C17 Jeans: Denim Release SS20

C17 Jeans Label Close Up

Since 1972, C17 Jeans have been producing quality denim catering to a distinguished clientele seeking out quality. However, the production of denim by the brand halted around the late 90s.

Now under new management and a fresh perspective, the brand is once again producing jeans which gained them a cult following back in the 80s. After months of careful planning and designing C17 Jeans have fired up their loom weaving machines once again for a new denim release.

Here at Stuarts London, we have got an exclusive insight behind the release. With this guide, we will give you a full rundown of the different denim fits and styles on offer from the brand this season.

C17 Jeans Fit

C17 Jeans draw upon their heritage for their fits but with the modern user in mind. Aiming to get as close to the ideal as possible, they strive to keep things classic but with modern influences.

Finding a good pair of quality jeans can be a headache. Seemingly endless different styles, fits, and washes sometimes can make things difficult. C17 Jeans aim to keep things simple with 3 fits that are classic and sharp that will satisfy the most discerning denim fan.

Slim Straight

The slimmest fit on offer this season is not skinny by any means but keeps things trims through the thigh and leg for a modern look but with enough width to keep that classic heritage look.

This cut comes with a classic high-rise – another feature that draws upon the brand’s heritage and keeps the fit of the jeans most flattering.

C17 Raw Denim Jeans

Regular Tapered

A tried and true classic with modern detailing. The jeans are wider in the thigh and gently taper down to give a flattering look. A great versatile fit for those who want a wider leg jean but still want to keep some shape through the leg.

This fit also features a low rise and fit on the hips – this gives a more modern feel and fit.

C17 Washed Jeans

Loose Archival Fit

Featuring a high-rise and overall looser fit with a slight taper on the leg – these jeans are as close to the jeans C17 Jeans were producing in the 80s.

C17 Archive Jeans

The Wash

All C17 Jeans are indigo dyed – meaning that they are designed to become more beautiful and unique with time. The jeans come in a variety of different washes so you can get the perfect pair to suit you. These include raw rigid (unwashed), 1-year wash, 2-year vintage wash, and a marbled vintage wash.

Raw Rigid

For those looking to have a truly unique pair of jeans that will garner a distinctly personalised patina with time as you wear them then the Raw rigid denim is for you.

The general consensus is that you should wear them for 6 months before washing to get the best look for your denim.

C17 Jeans Close Up Buttons

1 Year Wash

As jeans go through the washing process they get a different look. Some prefer their jeans ready washed for a more vintage look and lighter colour. The 1-year wash is a nice option for those looking for a more vintage look but still with plenty of room to leave their own personalised wear on the jeans.

C17 Fly Close Up

2 Year Wash

The 2-year rinse wash gives you that really nice vintage denim look straight away. Coming with lighter tones of blue and a rich patina these jeans can really give a nice vintage look to your outfit.

C17 Jeans Fly Close Up

Marbled Vintage Wash

This wash, sometimes known as ‘stonewashed’ give a distinct look the jeans offering a rich variation of tones and an overall lighter colouring. A great look for the warmer months of the year.

C17 Jeans Fly Close Up


C17 jeans have sought out the best possible quality denim available – utilising the world-renowned Cone Denim Mills. One of the oldest denim mills in the world – they have contributed to shaping the denim jean into the garment it is today.

Produced in limited runs – this is the most sought after denim around. It is known for its durability and classic look that has been replicated by many – nothing comes close to the original.

C17 Jeans Fabric Close Up


No detail has been overlooked, no seam left unchecked. Every pair of C17 Jeans is made to the highest standard, drawing upon its rich history of denim production.

Below is a detailed look at the features included in each pair of jeans.

Five-Pocket Design

The classic and what has become the standard for work jeans. The 5 pocket construction is the original and looks as good today as it did in its inception.

C17 Jeans Pocket

C17 Jeans Rear Leather Patch

Another classic workwear feature the rear leather patch has been a staple on jeans since the beginning. C17 Jeans use genuine leather with the C17 logo sitting proudly.

C17 Jeans Label

C17 Blue Tab

Based on the original designs from the late 70s and early 80s. The C17 jeans blue tab is back with all the charm of before and a feature on all their jeans.

C17 Jeans Blue Tab

Seagull Link Stitch Detailing

Giving character to the jeans with this eye-catching detail. This contrast stitching is featured on the rear pockets. The stitching resembles a seagull shape and are inspired by the original C17 jean designs from back in the day.

C17 Jeans Stitch Detail

Reinforced Wider Belt Loops

Jeans are a hardwearing garment and originally designed for work purposes. C17 Jeans were well aware of this and designed their jeans to be extra hardwearing. The belt loops, for example, are reinforced for extra durability and designed to last.

C17 Jeans Belt Loops

Copper and Brass buttons

In true workwear fashion each pair of C17 Jeans has comes equipped with a button closure fly in either copper or brass rivets. These are highly-durable further reinforces the great quality of these jeans.

C17 Jeans Buttons

Inner Pocket Artwork

Each pair of C17 Jeans is crafted to the highest standard even down to the tiniest detail. This includes the inside of the jeans where the pockets have been finished with a unique artwork design from the brand just for you.

C17 Jeans Detail

We’re well impressed with this release from C17 Jeans and know you will love them too.

Full collection dropping midnight 26/06/20.

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