Snow Peak: A Closer Look

Beach scene with chairs and tent

Japan-based outdoor enthusiasts Snow Peak have steadily been carving out their nichè in the outdoor equipment industry for the last 60 years. Each product subjected to rigorous testing, producing only the highest quality outdoor equipment, intended to last you a lifetime.

The brand’s ethos and core values are intimately tied to a deep love and respect of nature and their products are designed to work with the landscape and not against it – often made from recycled materials and designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

We believe gathering with others outdoors is an antidote to the stresses of modern life, and provides an opportunity to reconnect with each other and ourselves.

Snow Peak offer a complete solution to all your outdoor needs from camping chairs, tables, tableware, bottles to cooking equipment.

Here at Stuarts London, we were lucky enough to get out hands on the latest collection. So let’s take a look at some of the favourite pieces on offer from Snow Peak this season.

Outdoor Furniture

Campsite scene close up of chair
Camping chair with guitar

Snow Peak offers a range of outdoor furniture solutions including fully foldable camping chairs in lightweight yet durable aluminum and recycled bamboo – which look just as good in your living room as on the campsite. All chairs are designed to pack away quickly for easy stowing away when not in use.

Bamboo chairs on campsite

The collection also features a matching bamboo and aluminum foldable table. This is a great little table that is small enough to fit in a backpack and lightweight enough to carry from one destination to the next. This all-weather table makes for an ideal set up to give you that home-away-from-home feeling.

Fireplace & Grills

Camp fire with open flame

Forget screwdrivers and stressing over putting together a grill or lugging a heavy barbeque. The Snow Peak portable fireplace and grill are unbelievably easy to use – just simply one motion – unfolding it from its flat, stowed position and it’s ready to go.

The Snow Peak portable fireplace and grills are made from stainless steel making them highly durable and easy to clean. They can be set up within minutes so you can get grilling all your favorite foods effortlessly. An essential centerpiece for any campsite.


These clever little lights made with soft polycarbonate outer shell these minimal style lights have more tech packed into them than you might think. Featuring three different lighting settings – A solid light setting, a setting that mimics a candle with built-in wind sensing technology that flickers with the direction of the wind, and a third ‘sleep’ mode which uses a noise sensor to gradually dim as noise reduces ready for bedtime.

They are designed so they can be hung from your tent or be just as easily placed on any surface for an instant lighting solution whenever you need it.


Hand held coffee grinder
Coffee filter holder being used

For all the coffee lovers out there, you probably feel like you have to choose between a nice home-brew and a pretty average instant style cup of joe when out in the field. Well, Snow Peak weren’t having that either. They made sure that coffee fans can have their favorite brew whenever and wherever they want it with their full outdoor coffee selection of premium coffee making products.

Whether it be a super lightweight coffee grinder and collapsable drip-filter holder so you can have your favourite bean on the go and ready within seconds.

Kettle being poured

If you prefer your coffee a la French press then they’ve got you covered in that department too. Each item is carefully designed to be as lightweight and packable as possible while getting a balance between stylistic appeal and durability and functionality.

Hot water being poured on coffee filter


Snow peak cups

Another staple of the Snow Peak’s roster is the titanium cup. Coming in single and double-wall construction. Both are extremely lightweight and packable, featuring a foldable handle for extra space-saving when packing for trips. The double-walled option having even better insulation, guaranteeing almost day-long heat retention.

The Titanium construction allows optimum temperature regulation for cold or hot drinks and can be placed over a flame for easy direct heating if, and when you want.

Snow Peak bottle

Another great addition to the range is the equally genius Kangpai Bottle. Coming in 350ml and 500ml options – these minimally designed bottles are made to keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot with three different lids for different types of beverages. A camping essential that can also be used as an everyday water bottle.

Different lids included with bottle


Snow Peak also has put together a great selection of small carry bags that are just as well at home around town as out in the country. Their small size and lightweight make them the ultimate storage size for your everyday essentials.

Made with state of the art materials including water-resistant fabric that has been treated with a special Magic Protection (TM) which ensures a slower degradation of materials and years of enjoyment guaranteed.

Snow Peak Bag

We’re stoked to have Snow Peak online and in store and are sure that you will enjoy using these great products just as much as we have enjoyed talking about them. Shop the full collection below.

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