Karhu Legend Marathon Pack

Karhu is back with another Marathon Pack second release. This latest drop is inspired by Töölönlahti, this is a popular running area next to the Olympic stadium and right next to the iconic Finnish runner, Paavo Nurmi. The journey past these to monuments is often listed as the best run route and the ‘must have’ task on the bucket list for avid runners. This route is also still extremely popular for training, events and more.

One of the oldest and most prestigious running events that was founded in 1929, the Kaisaniemen Run takes place in both areas (Kaisaniemi and Töölönlahti) in which these sneakers are inspired by. Finnish runners Paavo Kotila and Eino Oksanen, who have also both won the Boston marathon, are famous for their historic wins of the Kaisaniemen Run.

The Marathon park consists of the Fusion 2.0 and two Aria 95s in sporty colourways with the classic Karhu style. The white and off-white leather parts used on all three of the shoes are inspired by the white aesthetics of the Alvar Aaltodesigned Finlandia Hall. The wooden training route is a direct link to the suede overlays on the Fusion 2.0, and the bright coloured suede panels of both Aria 95 models are a link to the late 80s and early 90s colours used in running shoes.The Marathon Pack will be released globally on Friday, June 12th, 2020 at select retailers worldwide.

LAUNCH DATE: June 12th, 2020

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