Adidas Originals: Spirit Of the Games

Adidas has been a part of many historical sporting moments. Perhaps one of the most iconic was the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games 1984. As the Californian heat beat down on the race track below, spectators in their tens of thousands excitedly anticipate the opening of the games. 

The great Rafer Johnson finally receives the torch and with a face of steely determination he takes it to its final destination, making history as the first black athlete to light the Olympic Flame. Standing proud, high above the stadium, you can just about make out three stripes on his shoes.

The games etched out a moment in time for adidas and helped elevate the brand to become one of the most iconic sportswear brands in the world. To celebrate this moment adidas has done something very special.

The ‘Spirit Of The Games’ shoe comes as a limited release and are dropping at Stuarts London this week. The shoes design is based on the original 1984 design made for the Olympic Games and come in come in two classic colourways. 

Adidas trainers
Adidas trainers

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