Top Picks: April

These are strange times indeed for the stylistically inclined. Suddenly we don’t ‘have to’ get dressed anymore. You could very happily (and I’m sure many will) wear joggers and a t-shirt everyday and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, after all, being limited to the confines of your home has raised questions for all of us about what it means to get dressed when nobody except your family and your cat will see you. 

There are also those who have decided not to retire 95% of their carefully colatted wardrobe. Those who just enjoy clothes whether they are seen or not; and to those people we salute you.

Either way, we at Stuarts London believe that we should (as much as we can) take this as an opportunity. You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Sure you can treat the next few months as a holiday or you can see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to ‘sharpen your axe’; blow the dust off your old guitar, learn that language, take up yoga, exercise, write that book, read a book, call a friend. 

And while you’re on a roll you may as well update your wardrobe so you can hit the ground running when you get back out there, ready to take it by the horns with a new zest of life and sharp new look to go with it.

Here are our top picks for April.

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