Armor Lux: 80 Years Of French Nautical Style

A piece known for its versatility and effortless French chic that forgoes fashion trends. The nautical inspired colours, cotton construction, and of course, the 21 stripes (each one apparently representing one of Napoleon’s victories). A favorite of Pablo Picasso and Coco Chanel, few items sum up French pride and stylistic prowess more than the Breton shirt. 

One brand that has an undying dedication to the Breton shirt and producing quality French nautical wear is French powerhouse Armor Lux. Based in Brittany, France. They have been producing French-maritime inspired clothing for over 80 years and have in many ways come to define French style for the everyday person in France. Their influence in France so established that, they have actually been commissioned by civil companies such as ‘La Poste’, GEOPOST postal services and French Railway Company SNCF to design the uniforms of their staff; something that could only happen in a country where style is so effortlessly woven into the fabric of everyday life. 

Based in Brittany, France. The design office of Armor Lux creates over 1,500 new models every year and utilises one of the last vertically integrated textile production tools. Composed of two industrial sites with 85 circular knitting machines of various gauges and diameters which enable the large quanities of our favourite materials to be produced at one time. In 2010, the French Ministry Of Ecomony, and Employment recogised the industrial know how of the company, awarding them with the ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Label’ (Living Heritage Company Label). 

Being involved in producing French maritime-inspired clothing for so long it comes as no surprise that they make a pretty damn good Breton shirt, with all the savoir-faire of the original; decades of nautical knowhow built into every shirt.  They also are well known for their other classics, based on traditions of French maritime such as the wool peacoat, the dufflecoat, the fisherman jumper, the salor raincoat and the fisherman’s smock.

Seaside exploits may seem a world away right now and until the world gets travelling again you can at least bring the seaside to you with Armor Lux’s SS20 collection with a wide variety of Breton shirts and other classic French maritime pieces for you to enjoy. 

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