Limited Edition Paradise Lost & Dance Of The Dead

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About The Brand 

made for the everyday working class hero

The French denim label first started making noise in the 80’s and 90’s so it is exciting to see the old school brand finally make its comeback. With a focus on everyday, the clothes from C17 are made for the everyday working class hero, meaning it’s built with quality, practicality with a touch of that stylish edge. C17 continues to draw on the heritage of the brand and has plenty to offer in the coming seasons. The first drop of C17 Jeans saw a range of sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies. The denim is also a long awaited drop from the brand, this is due to land in the coming months. To bridge the wait, two limited edition shirts are set to launch this Friday,  ‘Paradise lost’ and ‘Dance of the dead.’

The Design & Inspiration  

The overall inspiration for both the limited edition shirts is drawn from the Mexican festival, dance of the dead. The first shirt that arrives is called Paradise lost. Exclusively designed and licensed to C17 alone, this artwork is a bold, creative and a truly exclusive look.

the universal power of death and the need for living life to the full

Dance of the dead is a late medieval allegory on the universality of death and how no one is immune to it. This concept is further developed for the design to help conceptualise that we all know that death is guaranteed and with this in mind, we should each live each day to our happiest and enjoy all that life has to offer on our unique journeys. The second shirt that arrives from this exclusive collection is Paradise is lost which also uses the concept of the universal power of death and the need for living life to the full. Using creative, detailed art work this concept is beautifully translated and executed.

The Story Behind Production

withstanding the test of time

The shirts are both made from Lyocell fibres (bleached wood pulp) that was originally developed in 1972 by Enka Fibers in North Carolina. This technique was used in the production for these shirts as it creates a smooth, breathable, lightweight and comfortable feel which is crucial for a Summer shirt. This process was also selected to mirror the brands values of creating garments that are made to last. Lyocell is renowned for withstanding the test of time with its elasticity and strength making it highly durable. The fibers are also man made and does not have a direct negative impact to the environment, it is biodegradable and is non-toxic. As if the print was not detailed enough on the shirt, it has subtle attributes like the coconut buttons making it a truly stand out piece.

The Fit

C17 Jeans aims to create garments for the everyday wearer, with this in mind, these shirts are of regular loose fit. The shirt has an elongated tail as an added design feature which is made to wear out for a stylish edge to an everyday look.

The limited edition Ce Dix Sept shirts are set to drop at 5pm on the 03.03.20 exclusively online at Stuarts London.

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