Diadora, B Elite OG Italia Sport

Diadora Heritage Sneaker

Diadora has been synonymous with sporting legends since the 1980s. To celebrate this partnership, this SS20 season, diadora is proud to present B Elite OG Italia Sport, a brand icon which has been recast to evoke the 1980 OG model specially created to celebrate the epic players of that decade. The B Elite OG Italia Sport,Italia sport is an Italian-made Heritage sneaker crafted from premium leather detailing. Italian design and skilled craftsmanship for this model which is available in two colour variations.

Italian-made Heritage

Diadora Heritage Sneaker

an icon of the tennis court but also of the Casuals subculture

The shoes are manufactured in Italy in the factory located in Caerano Di San Marco, founded in 1948. The factory is located at the heart of the shoe-making district of Montebelluano, known all over the world for the expertise in the production of sports shoes. Not only an icon of the tennis court but also of the Casuals subculture of the 80s of which this shoe many ways defined. Diadora trainers were heralded as the ultimate status symbol among casual crowds and the most iconic of them all was the B Elite OG Italia Sport model. We are lucky enough here at Stuarts London to have a access to this iconic shoe. Don’t miss out on a piece of sporting history.

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