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Where did Danner Boots begin?


Danner boots first came around when Charles Danner came to the West to construct the best boots for loggers that exist. First created in Oregon in 1932, they are still the go to boot for adventure. He wanted to combine his love for the outdoors and wilderness with a commitment to true craftsmanship and quality. This ambition to innovate boots that are more than just fit for purpose still exists within each and every stitch of their latest collection. The uncompromising landscape is the spirit behind the boots which Charles Danner first envisioned in production a century ago. 

What is the quality of Danner Boots like?


Since the day they first began production the boots have been hailed for their longevity, quality, comfort and style. The quality of the boots is down to the sourcing of the finest materials, excellent craftsmanship across all their workshops and the design of each and every boot. After all, the boots were designed for adventure and the great outdoors and they will certainly see you through an array of adventures. 


Boot Spot Light: Danner Ridge Smores

The ridge smores are crafted in the Oregon factory staying true to the heritage and rich history of the brand even today. This boot was designed to be a lightweight boot compared to other styles by Danner. The boot is also a versatile boot that not only encompasses the classic Danner styling, but it is also fit for typically lighter hikes and the everyday. The overall design of this boot was inspired by the iconic Original Danner Light but this time it has an updated construction allowing for reduced weight and added comfort.

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Danner Mountain 600 Review 


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