The adidas Superstar | A Cultural Icon

Why Its Iconic and Why It’s Still Relevant Today


Perhaps the most legendary and instantly recognisable adidas sneaker shapes ever and one of the most iconic sneakers of all time. The shoe which really launched the brand into the spotlight and into global superstardom. With its sporting heritage and a history steeped in hip-hop iconography let’s take a look at why the adidas Superstar with humble beginnings is still relevant today.


A Brief History of the Superstar

Before Run DMC helped launch it into the stratosphere of the fashion world, like most of the famous shoes which have stood the test of time, they started as a sports shoe serving a very practical purpose. More specifically they started as basketball shoes. The reinforced toe box, which has become iconic of the shoe, was an entirely new technology at the time and served the purpose of giving basketball players a shoe which could hold together within the fast-paced, stop-start action of the game.


The groups dedication and role in the popularity of the shoe cannot be overlooked. They even went so far as to release a song named ‘My adidas’ and the shoes became part of the groups signature look, paired with matching adidas tracksuits. This helped solidify the shoe as a signifier of hip-hop culture and become the wardrobe staple it was then and stays today.


The adidas Superstar Today

As it stands today the superstar is a legend. It is the shoe that comes to mind for most of us when we think ‘adidas shoe’. Today the design of the shoe remains mostly unchanged from its original design since its inception in the late 60s. This gives the shoe a vintage and classic look. The minimal design and the classic choice of white leather mean the infinite number of pairing options. They are shoe you can grab and leave the house without thinking about too much.


Don’t miss out on this iconic shoe.


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