Superstar Laceless | ’80s Hip Hop in a Sneaker

Inspired by ‘80s hip hop style, these shoes feature a no lace design on top of the classic and timeless superstar silhouette. From the bustling streets of New York in the ‘80s where groups such as Run DMC weren’t just at the forefront of music but also pioneers of casual, street ready fashion. Among this pioneering of casual, considered street style was the now iconic superstar shoe.

Now recreated with an exaggerated fat tongue and with the option to lace them or not, the shoe is perfect for those looking for a throwback style that doesn’t come across as gimmicky. Classic details such as the rubber shell toe box and gold detailing on the tongue and side add to the classic, timeless style of the shoe.

This style comes in two colourways a white colourway with black three stripes, heel and tongue detail and an inverse black colourway with white detailing. Easily wearable; whilst these shoes are inspired by ‘80s hip hop they can easily be worn by anyone, with whatever style, perfectly encapsulating the utility of the shoe.

Appreciate the style of hip hop icons Run DMC and wear a piece of sneaker history with this retro recreation of the iconic sneaker.

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