Naked & Famous: The Brand, Fit & More

Naked and Famous UK Stockist, Stuarts London

Behind The Brand

Naked and Famous is prided on spending their time solely dedicated to crafting and sourcing the finest fabric and turning this into the best denim of the highest quality and style. The brand travels to Japan throughout the year to continue to always find the finest fabrics, to working closely with denim mills to ensure they are always innovating their denim to glow in the dark, to cashmere blends and more.

Naked and Famous UK Stockist, Stuarts London

Unique Style

Following this unique way of creating denim, the brand has always been proud of the fact that all their products are cut, made and sewn in Canada. The brand had a huge personality, the name itself was created to poke fun at Hollywood and Glamour selling jeans for extortionate money solely on the fact they were celebrity endorsed and certainly not because they were quality jeans. Based on this fact, the brand prides itself on letting the denim speak for itself, all the money that could be spent on insane celebrity marketing ploys is instead put into what matters, the crafting and innovation of their denim. 

Naked and Famous UK Stockist, Stuarts London

The Naked and Famous Fit

Arguably, this tactic alone has made them the leading brand for denim globally and we are extremely proud to be the only UK retailer of this premium denim brand. The brand arrives in a variety of fits to ensure there is a pair for all of us. In terms of fit, you’ve got the Weird Guy, Easy Guy, Skinny Guy, and super skinny guy – all the fits are explained in detail below so you can ensure you are selecting the right pair! You can view our full fit guide as well as compare easy guy vs weird guy denim fit here

Naked and Famous UK Stockist, Stuarts London


Staying true to their unique identity, their logo is reminiscent of 1950’s pop art with the classic ‘ideal blonde’ depicted again paying a nod to their grumbles with Hollywood, Glamour, mass media and mass culture.  Through all their amazing artwork and unique collaborations, one thing always stays the same with the brand, the denim is perfection and always adds value directly to their consumer. 


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