Yogi: Earth Inspired Footwear

Inspired by the Earth and Roots shoes from the 70s, Yogi have been producing clean and premium shoes since the 90s. Taking on the iconic hand sewn moccasin design with its relaxed and comfortable style they produce their footwear by hand in Portugal.

In practice Yogi remain ethical and sustainable, with durability as a key pillar of their production. Leather and rubber are locally sourced and shoe boxes are recycled. This attention to detail and care don’t go unnoticed in the shoes, which all have a rich earthy look. Yogi are effortlessly stylish, comfortable and have the added bonus of being ethical.

A unique feature of Yogi footwear is the negative heel, which takes its roots in footwear produced during the hippy movement in America. A negative heel was used in certain shoes to instill better posture and comfort in the wearer. Yogi continue this unique feature; the negative heel combined with the premium leathers and rubber soles means you won’t want to take off a pair of Yogi footwear.

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