Golden Bear Jackets, Timeless Style and Heritage

Founded in 1922, Golden Bear Sportswear produced coats for dockworkers on San Francisco Bay, by the 1960s they had moved to Valencia Street producing everything from collegiate Varsity jackets to rugged bombers. Still keeping their classic dock worker style from the ’20s

Golden Bear jackets take on the personal history of those who wear them, treasured for years and only getting better with age. Crafted from premium materials such as Melton wool and tough, thick leather with satin linings.

Still producing iconic jackets to this day, they cut and sew their jackets in a factory that’s built against the only remaining wall of the San Francisco Missions baseball stadium. They have provided jackets to the San Francisco Police Department as well as the Giants baseball team and have collaborated with countless top end brands.

Durable, timeless and effortlessly stylish. Golden Bear is a true American brand that is well worth considering if you are looking for the quality you would expect from a true heritage brand.

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