Parka London


It all began in 1948 with Alfie Lever. Alfie Lever was a tailor’s son from the east end. After returning home from the RAF, he began to seek a new adventure and take his inspirations from the former RAF uniform to create and conquer the outerwear world.

By 1953, Alfie opened his first Factory in the heart of London. Under the name of Alfred Lever & Co, he began to create a loose fitting outerwear garments. Following this, the company then went on to win a contract to produce garments for the RAF including the legendary Parka.

By 1960, Alfie decided to take on the fashion industry. Very quickly he went on to supply some of the most well known fashion boutiques around London. John Stephens on Carnaby street, Village Gate in Soho all with his military inspired outerwear. Uniquely, the business remained a family run venture with Alfies son eventually learning the ropes within the industry. By the 1980’s, Alfie’s son Stephen transforms the business taking it overseas with shipping.

Fast forward to 2013, with over 60 years of manufacturing heritage behind the brand the decision was made to create its own label, PARKA LONDON.

“The brand is a celebration of the iconic, timeless military designs fused with contemporary modern styling and fabrics. Our mission is simple, we aim to make the best Parka available today, that is our mantle.”


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